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This week's update brings you new playable spaceships, missions, Steam Achievements and new improvements!

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This week's update brings you new playable spaceships, missions and new achievements.

New spaceships

The 'Var' and 'Hiaka' class spaceship are now available as playable ships. They are comparable with the 'Artemis' and 'Demeter' class, but they have more pieces of equipment and less small rooms. These ships are perfect if you need more pieces of equipment on your vessel!

You can unlock these spaceships with new achievements. To unlock the 'Var' you need to select where you learned about Galactic Crew in the main menu. As soon as you have reached the third tier of "The clock is ticking..." you will see an option in the main menu where you can vote once where you learned about Galactic Crew. After doing your selection, you get the ship!


Whenever you enter a new solar system, a random event happens. In addition to these local events, you can now request missions from space stations. Click on the 'Services' button to request a mining, delivery or bounty hunter mission. When you have a mission in a specific sector and you enter this sector, you won't get an event, but you can complete your mission. All missions are shown on the Galactic Map including tool-tips.

So far, there are three types of missions you can request from space stations. Future content updates will bring more missions to the game! Please note, you can also request missions at space stations. They are not available at shipyards!

There is also a new achievement that increases the rewards for missions. This achievement is a requirement to unlock the 'Hiaka' class spaceship.

Steam Achievements

I added a new feature from Steam to Galactic Crew: Steam Achievements. Now, many of your in-game achievements are also available as Steam Achievements. When you start the game the next time, your Steam Achievements will be updated based on your achieved in-game achievements.

New poll

The poll mechanism was successfully tested! A player asked, if Galactic Crew will get a campaign or story mode. It's up to you to make a decision! Do you want one?


In addition to your save games, your achievements are also stored in the Steam Cloud.

Coming up next...

  • Drones
    New small room: Drone Bay.
  • New piece of equipment: Drone Booster.
  • Combat, mining and shield drones
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