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Details on the Scaling of the ships, everything from stargate, star wars, battlestar and star trek

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This is the new scaling for all the SFAW ships
I used the site listed at the top in the credits for scaling details
after researching the missing ships this is the sizes i came to, some i just made up (most of SG, BSG and SST. Using relative sizes to other ships in the show)
This list doesn't contain all the ships for each faction, just those that are in the mod ready to go.

Death GLider - 7m
F 302 - 11m
Dart - 25m
Alkesh - 35m
Puddle Jumper - 20m
BC 304 - 600m
Hatak - 700m
WraithKreuzer - 600m
Asgard Beliskner - 700m
Ori WARSHIP - 1km
Oniell - 800m
WhraitHive - 3km
Aurora - 1km
Prometheus - 300m
Apophis - 1km
Anubis - 1.5km
Midway Space Station - 100m
Repli fighter - 7m
Repli Spider - 500m
Repli Capital - 900m

Star Wars
X-Wing - 12.5m
V19 - 6m
TIE Interceptor - 10m
Jedi Fighter - 8m
TIE Bomber - 7m
Y-Wing - 16m
Corellian Corvette - 150m
Acclamator Assault Ship - 750m
Interdictor Cruiser -600m
Broadside Class Cruiser -500m
MC30 Frigate - 580m
Alliance Assault Frigate - 700m
Victory Destroyer - 900m
Nebulon B Frigate - 300m
Calamari Cruiser- 1.2km
Trade Federation Battleship - 3km
Star Destroyer - 1.6km
Venator - 1.137km
Millennium Falcon - 27m
SW_Home_One - 3.5km
SW_Vader_SSD - 19km
StarViper_Squadron - 20m
Crusader_Gunship - 200m
Kedalbe_Battleship - 1km

Star Trek
type9 - 9m
type11 - 16m
aerowing - 24m
danube - 23m
Constitution - 290m
Soverign - 685m
Borg Tact Cube - 1.5km
Borg Cube - 3km
Maranda - 240m
Galaxy - 640m
Intrepid - 350m
Excalibur - 1.5km
Nebula - 460m
NX-01 - 230m
Defiant - 120m
BOP - 100m
L19 - 400m
C9 - 680m
Cardassian Galor - 481m
Dominion Smaller Warship - 650m
Domian Capital Ship - 2km
Romulan WarBird - 1340m

Vipermk2 - 8m
viperMk7 - 10m
Old Cylon Raider - 13m
New Cylon Raider - 9m
Raptor - 9m
Heavy raider - 20m
Firestar - 300m
Tiger - 500m
Max - 400m
Talos - 700m
Valkyrie - 1.2km
Bezerk - 1.3km
Hades_MK1 - 1.7km
Mercury_Class - 1.7km
New_Basestar - 2km
The_Galactica - 1.5km

Starship Troopers
Tac fighter - 15m
Dragonfly - 15m
Interceptor - 10m
Zipfly - 10m
Wasp - 10m
Sicon - 8m
Neptune Corvette - 200m
Midway Destroyer - 300m
Reaper - 300m
Darkling - 400m
Scoproin - 500m
Horned Devil - 500m
Methuselah - 500m
Alaska Heavycruiser - 600m
Blisterwing - 700m
Geneva - 1km
Athena - 1km
Blackcorsair - 900m
Saratoga - 2km
Star Battleship - 1.5km
Deathshead - 1.2km
Bug Assasin - 20m
Command Bug - 1.5km
Ryuho - 1.5km
Shiloh - 1km

Ive uploaded side views of the scaling, ill soon upload above shots. Like i said its not every ship. Just those playable atm.

Anyway hope those numbers are close, because im not going to change them again...


It's nice to have everything to scale :)

A great place for Star Trek info is ""

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looking great. cant wait for the Babylon 5 faction ;P
and for adding Halo, that'd be awesome too xD.

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Spinobreaker Author

might have to make Vader a big smaller, hes so big he cant be easily brought onto a map outside of the area around the starbase... hes just that huge lol

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hes not going to be happy, he might even use the force on you.

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I thought the ssd was 17km not 19km.
Also the wraith hive ship is 6km in the show.
But I love how you sized everything up!

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Spinobreaker Author

if i remember correctly, i tihnk i scaled the SSD to 18km anyway lol. And i know, but the hives huge enough as it is, any bigger and itll start to have the same FTL in issues as the SSD

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Hi there nice work but isn't the Tactical Borg Cube bigger than the Borg Cube?

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No i think its slightly smaller .. i think..

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Spinobreaker Author

exactly 1/2 the size as far as i know

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This is kinda off topic, but when ever i play Galactic Conquest the AI does nothing :( Is that a bug for me or is that just how it is?

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Spinobreaker Author

currently, just how it is, i havn't even looked at GC yet

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Why dart and jumper are SO big?

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Spinobreaker Author

well the jumpers 7m tall (size of a stargate), and about 2-3x as long as it is tall, so that puts it between 14-21m long. The dart has been stated by sheppard as "not able to fit in the control room" so i assumed it was slightly longer, that the jumper by a few metres as a result. All general Assumption. But the ing im surprised i didn't get any flak over is the fact i made the 304 so large. All the info out there has it around ther size of the 303, but its not, its over double the size, how do i know, comparing the 303 and 304 to the oniell class, the 303 was about 1/3 the size of an oniell at best where as the 304 is shown around the same size in the ori supergate incident... and i also used references to hataks with the same relative result... i know im rambling, but i jsut wanted to explain that bit lol

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Spinobreaker Author

meh, theyre staying how they are

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