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New screenshots have been added, and some new game play videos. I will be releasing another game play video tomorrow of the onslaught mode. The AI has evolved that much I am having trouble getting to the end of round 1!

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Whats different about ghostship compared to other fps games?

It’s a free roaming first person shooter set on board a huge spacecraft. And then at a colony or space station if you escape the CDF Goliath.

There are many things about this game which are new!

Every time the player will go to the same deck of the ship, it will be a little different, different aliens, aliens spawn in different locations, weapons, ammo, medkits and quest items will be dynamically placed.

Meaning:Each time you play the game, it will be different. If you find a way to escape, and require 3 items to escape that way, every new game you start the item’s won’t be in the same place. So no spoiler’s! You have to look!With 7 different ways to escape the ship that adds a LOT of replay value. Also with the Onslaught Mode and the probable Arcade Mode then you will have hours of fun, for months. Most games today are scripted and follow a storyline, when the storyline ends the game ends. Replay value is very limited because you do exactly the same again! In Ghostship you control the storyline, there are 7 different ways to escape, each one is different, it has multiple endings. And if you play the game again it is quite different, so you could have 20 full playthroughs in the game using 7 different means of escape and it will be different.

The AI is a big aspect on the game and I am lucky I have Lead programmer on-board who can take AI to a new level. The Biters in the video for example have been worked on for a week, and are only 25% done. At the moment the biters will hunt you down, My awesome lead Programmer has designed the AI so it doesn’t use nav meshes or paths to move around and get you. My Lead Programmers AI does not use any system like this, we have a new system. The new AI will track you down where ever you go. There is nowhere to hide. If you can get on a ledge for example then it can get on a ledge with you. The AI has come a long way in such a short space of time, and will play a big part in the game as these creatures will live inside the game just waiting to find you! Some other aliens such as the stalkers wont walk on the floor, some walk on ceilings and walls.They may not look scary, but wait till you try and kill one, and they pop out of nowhere and attack. The biters also now randomly play dead. Every now and then when you shoot one it will pretend to die and just lie there waiting and pop back up and attack you again. So do you waste ammo making sure they are all dead? or do you just pass their dead bodies with caution.
As well as the biters there are a variety of different aliens and zombies in Ghostship. Some of the other aliens can be seen on the website -
Other aliens to be introduced into the game are the Lurkers, Creepers, Flying Ones, Big Ones and 2 more which are top secret. Some will fly, some will crawl around the walls and ceilings and some will have ranged attacks.

ANumberSquared - - 156 comments

So, if you aren't using any navmeshes, then how do the AI follow you around corners? can they follow you though hallways with many different branches?

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MAGStudios Author
MAGStudios - - 180 comments

Yes they follow you round corners, follow you up ledges, they are very challenging now

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