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We now have new rock shaders and textures, the first spice power for the Ent and 25 hours left of our IndieGoGo campaign.

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One of the most mentioned issues on our Steam Greenlight page has now been fixed. The new rock shaders have been implemented through out Wander meaning no more blurry rock textures close up, and they still look great from a distance.

Now that the collaborative spice collection has got some testing we have been implementing some of the character powers that consume spice. The first of these is the Ent's ability to raise rocks from the ground to use as platforms to walk on. All the different characters in Wander are getting their spice powers over the next few weeks.

We have 25 hours left of our IndieGoGo campaign so if you want to prepurchase a discounted copy of Wander and help to fund us to buy the tech needed to improve Wander, please do! Our Steam Greenlight still need your help too, if you haven't voted yet.

Improved rock and terrain textures and shaders

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