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Every faction will have its own ring hero.Special by bringing ring in fortress and one by giving him ring

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The Ring Heroes are:

Gondor: -Fortress:Isildur -Bring ring to him:Boromir

Mordor: -Fortress:Sauron -Bring ring to him:Witch King

Isengard: -Fortress:Saruman -Bring ring to him:Lutz

Dol Guldur:Ring Can be only given to two heroes:Necromancer and Azog

Angmar: -Fortress:Ancalagon the Black -Bring ring to him:Witch King

Arnor: -Fortress:Elendil -Bring ring to him:Arvedui

Rohan: -Fortress:Eorl the Young Bring ring to him:Theodon

Elves: -Fortress:Galadriel -Bring ring to him:Elrond

Dwarves: -Fortress:Durin the Deathless -Bring ring to him:Thorin

Argeomer - - 5,586 comments

Looks pretty good to me :D Wait in Gondor what about Aragorn?

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The_Spin - - 433 comments

If you remember in the Fellowship, Aragorn denied to take the ring, but it could be Denethor. For Mordor I think that there should be only Sauron but thats kinda interesting. For Isengard you could possibly give the ring to Saruman and summon for example Balrog. An alternative for Rohan could be Helm Hammerhand. And who is Ancalagon the Black ? Also, could you please explain the heroes of Dol-Guldur ?

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|Necromancer| Author
|Necromancer| - - 134 comments

In Dol Guldur Ring cannot be putted in fortress you can only give ring to two heroes azog and necromancer

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LordMaus - - 1,270 comments

nice, when will get more new updates ? thank you.

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