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The New Republic News Is Brought To You By; The Galactic Safety Commisions Board where your safety is their Top Concern!


Welcome to the Updated New Republic News:
We have just seen the poll numbers, and the Public has Spoken! We have updated the News to fit the publics needs and what they expect from a News source. We are here to serve the public and report all daily events inside and outside of the New Republic. And now on to Current Events!

Vulture Race:
The Vulture Race, just a few days ago between the New Republic and the Sith Empire was shocking to the Galaxy. Due to the needs and wants of both factions a handful of planets have been taken over. The Sith took the Core Worlds and the New Republic has taken the North Eastern sector of the galaxy. All the government can say is that the Chancellors plans did not include the Vulture Race, after the Silentium were defeated over Byss.

The New Republic currently now controlls: Bastion, Telos, Dantooine, Bonadan, Yaga Minor, Mygeeto, Ansion, Muunilinst, Ithor, and Ord Mantell. We tried to get a word with the Chancellor about this, but he has so far not responded.


Galactic Council:
The New Republic has joined in an attempt to create a much more peaceful and stabalized galaxy with two other nations. The Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorian Empire. We hope that their attempt is a much more successful one then before. The Galactic Council is made up of three leaders: Chancellor Jolee Bindo of the New Republic, President of Senate of the Galactic Alliance HeadHunter, and Mandalorian Commander _W_ of the Mandalorian Empire. Galactic Council

Mandalorian Civil War:
A Mandalorian Civil War broke out just a few weeks ago. They were lead by mandalorian named Mandalore the Merciless who attempted to take over. It was quelled by all the members of the Galactic Council and by the New Sith Order. The Mandalorian Empire remains intact and is beginning to rebuild.

An overview of the Civil War for the Galactic Alliance and New Republic was the Victory at Botajef. It's location is near Dathomir on the Hydian Way, the Rebels had blockaded the Hydian Way blocking a crucial trade lane between the Mandalorians and New Republic. The New Republic fleet led by Jolee Bindo came in first to try and break the blockade. It was progressing slowly until HeadHunter had come in reinforcements together they wiped out the defenders. As the last of the defenders were destroyed, a Merc fleet jumped out of hyperspace. The Mercs however were quickly beaten back and the Rebels routed.

There were other battlefields the New Republic participated in. Including Mandalore, and Concordia. Several areas of forests of Mandalore were burnt down by Jesterz artillery and bombers trying to kill the hiding rebels. They targeted the areas that glowed red hot. On Concordia, it was more of a skirmish, not willing to risk anymore Mandalorian blood, Mandalore the Merciless surrendered to Allied Forces. He was then taken to Mandalore the Strategist, where he was sentenced to death by firing squad.


New Republic and Galactic Alliance invade the Sith Empire:
In a stunning move the two factions invaded the Sith Empire to wrest control of the galaxy and liberate it finally from Sith dominance. Subterrel, Terminus, and Mustafar were the first planets to be invaded. The battle of Terminus is still going on while Subterrel and Mustafar have fallen to the Galactic Council Military forces led Admiral Gharn and New Republic led by CAAF Jester and Chancellor Jolee Bindo.

The Chancellor has decided to take full control of Mustafar in the name of the New Republic. However he has said this: "We will participate in the retaking of the Core Worlds, but not for personal gain. We will be there to help the Galactic Alliance overcome any challenges the remaining Sith forces can throw at them.

Sith Empire Nears Collapse:
The Sith Empire is collapsing with the Dark Lord Praxis fearing that an assassination attempt against him is likely. He decided top bring down the entire Sith Empire and most of its defenses in one single stroke. He destroyed most of the defenses guarding many highly important Sith worlds. Sith commanders have fled, several choosing a new small rising power in the east called the Centrality.

Sith troops across the Sith Empire have been ordered to stand down, and surrender to New Republic and Galactic Alliance forces. They await a response from both the leaders of these 2 factions.

New Republic Alliances:
The New Republic and the new faction called the Centrality have made a peaceful gesture to one and other today and created an alliance. The chancellor believes that this could strengthen the galaxy as a whole as it looks forward to a much brighter future of peace, justice and stability throughout the galaxy.


Battle of Korriban:
The Battle of Korriban is going to be a long and bloody struggle from the looks of it. New Republic and the Galactic Council military have invaded Korriban an attempt to defeat the Sith once and for all. However the Sith have put up a miraculous defense of their homeworld, not giving an inch of land without blood being spilled. However while the allies are suffering heavy casulties so to are the Sith. Projections report that the Sith will soon lose the battle.

The Sith fleet is crumbling, but the Sith army upon the surface continues to hold the high ground. General Dacren and CAAF Jester are on the ground trying to push through. In space, Supreme Commander Gharn, Praxis(former Dark Lord), and Chancellor Bindo are up in space continously pushing back the Sith fleet. There is no retreat now unless the Sith surrender.

Centrality Collapses:
The Centrality has collapsed, due to the death of the short-lived King Lynx. Revolution has sprung up because King Lynx had threatened each and every world that joined him. His fortress on Tund is currently being besieged by Rebel Forces. Once the NGR government had discovered that the Centrality had conquered their sector, they broke off relations and started to support the Rebel movement. We shall continue to report on this as the Rebels gain ground.

Celebration and Meeting:
Assassinations have been taking place all over the galaxy. Including 2 very high political figures and commanders. During the first wave Governor Harles of Ruusan had been killed in his office. He had three stab wounds to his upper-left turso. GCMF forces have so far found no trace of anything in his office that could connect to the death of the Governor.

The other very big assassination was the assassination of Jaster Lor, one of Mandalore the Strategists most trusted advisors, was found dead on the floor of his personal training room only a few days ago. There is video showing that he fought someone who could use the force and that carried a blue lightsaber. Here's some footage that we aquirred:

*Jaster Lor can be seen in his training room, duelling with a training droid. He blocks one of the droids attacks and pushes the droid back with his sword, causing the droid to stumble. He leaps and stabs the droid, impaling it and let is fall to the floor, dead.* *He turned around, and was about to reactivate another droid, when he heard a noise outside. He walked over to the door, and opened it. He was immediatly pushed back and crashed into a wall.*
*STATIC**We suddenly see Jaster Lor engaged in combat by an unknown figure, dressed completly in black. The figure wielded a blue Lightsaber, and suddenly used the Force to pick Jaster up and crash him into the wall again.*
*STATIC**Jaster is kneeling before the figure, his hands cut off and the figure seems to be using the Force to make him kneel. Jaster looks up, his Helmet cracked revealing one of his eyes, and seemed to speak, though the audio is missing. The figure pauses for a moment, probably also speaking, then brings his lightsaber down on Jasters head, killing him.*

The Mandalorian News Network believes it to be the work of the Jedi. Due to the Blue lightsaber and the ability of being able to use the force.
Due to these recent events, Jedi Master HeadHunter and Supreme Commander Gharn have called a meeting on Coruscant, involving all high up Commanders and politicians in order to discuss the cause of this epidemic and what to do with it. The meeting will take place after a small celebration party, that is supposed that celebrate the peace that is to come. The Meeting will be discussed secretly only with the topmost officials gathered in a extremely well defended room.

UPDATE: News reports have come in saying that the Senate building was attacked by an unknown figure. This unknown figure entered the hall and immediately killed Admiral Yule Gharn before turning his attention towards Jedi Master Headhunter and the soldiers there, the latter of which was promptly dispatched and the former of which was engaged. At the same time, agents presumably working with the intruder opened fire on guests in the Senate, killing many before being repressed by Jedi Padawan Exilium and the CAAF, Jester. Troops were quickly called in, but by that time, a massive lightning storm had engulfed the building, raging for several minutes. When it cleared, there was no sign of the intruder or Jedi Master Headhunter. The latter is presumed dead.

This assassin, confirmed to be a powerful Sith Lord by the Supreme Chancellor, is considered still at large, and a bounty of five-hundred million credits has been issued to whoever kills or captures the Sith Lord.

A funeral was held on the same day for Admiral Yule Gharn, hosted by Jester. In a surprising turn of events, the Lord of Pain, the former Sith Fist of the recently decimated New Sith Order, attended the funeral to pay his respects to a "worthy opponent". More on this later.


Sith Lord Identified:
The Sith Lord has now been identified to the public as none other then Lord Kairn. Lord Kairn from what we currently know is trying to reunite the Sith, after the former Dark Lord Praxis crippled the factions military and economy. We have no idea of the whereabouts of the former dark lord, whether he is helping to unite the sith under one banner again is uncertain.


There was a meeting today on Onderon, between the Galactic Council and New Sith Order. It was to discuss a temporary peace between the NSO and GC. The meeting was considered boring at most, that is until the Chancellor and Lord Kairn began to threaten eachother. Things then took a much more interesting turn. Kairn and the Chancellor were going to duel, that is until Veritum tried to stop them by pinning them down to their seats with the force. It didn't stop Kairn however and he quickly grew furious at Veritum. Kairn broke free then threatened everyone at the meeting. He then quickly slew 2 mandalorian guards. Veritum then ordered everyone to leave the room and they did.

Shortly afterwards, the two began to fight. Kairn used some sort dark lightning bombs against Veritum and numerous other force powers, but they did little to affect Veritum. Soon, Jester and Exilium came out of hyperspace with a small fleet and a NGR battalion. Exilium ordered an interdictor to activate its gravity well generators, to prevent any retreat. The soldiers then begin to land, so as to evacuate the chancellor and anyone else who needed a quick retreat out of there. They were quickly taken to other parts of the city. All of sudden hell broke loose, and many different shots from many directions were fired upon the NGR troops. They took cover but grenades were also hurled at them.

As the NGR troopers took cover, the Chancellor went off on his own to try and kill the snipers. He began to use the force to sense where the snipers were located and the one he came across was none other then Tharnis. The Chancellor tried to kill him, but he failed when we was sent back with a force push an was shocked a little bit with lightning. He then escaped, and took another sniping position. Lord Praxis had been watching from a hologram and decided it was a good time to test out his new device. A suitcase which had a weapon inside of some sort. It only affected force sensitives which made a horrific sound so as to make them fall unconcious. However the device was quickly destroyed by Veritum.

Kairn and Veritum were still dueling during this time. Exilium and a squad of NGR troopers soon arrived at the Chancellors location. Jester was ordering an evacuation of the area. However the chancellor refused and wanted to stay, so they could try and defeat Kairn. Exilium and Jester tried to call down bombers and fighters but the chancellor stopped them, and used the force to tell all bomber and fighter pilots to return to their hangers. This would later turn out to be a big mistake.

Eventually, Jester convinced the chancellor to abondon the effort this time. Gunships were called down, and they began to evacuate. Tharnis, came out of hiding in a way and killed a NGR trooper. He then put on his armor and made his way to the gunships. All of a sudden force lightning struck and took down a gunship. The chancellor saw that man who did this, and quickly used the force to crush his body, stunning him for several minutes. He then began to force pull him towards the gunships. However Kairn rescued him and sent him somewhere off into the distance.

Tharnis then entered one of the gunships, and waited for the perfect chance to make his strike. After the evacuation was completed, all the gunships began to take off. As they were entering into orbit, Tharnis took control of the gunship by going into the pilots cabin and breaks their next with the force. He then takes command, and begins to shoot at the gunships. Most were destroyed, however several escaped still. Tharnis, didn't care however and he began to pivot the gunship down to the ground. He got out of the ship before it crash landed and exploded.

Tharnis then went and fired up Kairns, hidden ship. Kairns troops retreated onto the shuttle, and Tharnis went to go pick Kairn himself, who was still fighting Veritum. Kairn saw his shuttle within a few seconds and quickly jumped onto the loading ramp as it was over him. The loading ramp closed and they quickly went into orbit. Kairn then used technology he stole from Praxis and entered hyperspace.

Just as Kairns shuttle entered hyperspace, Veritum contacted the NGR fleet and requested that peace negotiations continue. Exilium tried to lock down the planet but we swiftly hit, and became unconcious. The chancellor accepted a return to negotiations.


New Republic Remnant:
The New Republic has been defeated by the Galactic Council, and the chancellor without a fight due to a serious illness that has overtaken him. The mandalorians took him prisoner to mircir prison, a secret prison with its location classified to all but a few. Our fleets have been sold and dismantled and our mandalorian overseers seek to frighten us with their technology, warrior prestige, and propaganda. They use "NGR abondoned you" as part of their propaganda prorgram.

However we will not relent, even now a Resistance has formed to down the terror of the Mandalorian Empire. They believe we can become loyal to peoples such as them through fear and propaganda. They will find us different! We will never become loyal to the mandalorians, nor the Galactic Alliance. With courage and strength, we shall defeat these two tyrants, who stand in the way of our ways of life! People of the New Republic, rise you are the true weapon to defeating these oppressors! Whatever they do against us, will further our cause to defeat Galactic Council.

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