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Hi all, I wanted to say thank you to those who have supported the mod. I'm really grateful to those who have enjoyed it.

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I first of all need to apologize for basically falling off the face of the earth. Life happens, but I'm planning on releasing something good by next year.

One release will be improvements and additions to the Modern Combat Mod. Instead of Shifter/Biomod however, I was debating on going with the unifiedDeusEx in their place. It combines both mods, while having a few enhancements.

I also want to make this HDTP compatible as well.

Modern Combat To do list:
-Add Martial Arts from TNM
-Revamp Pistol/Rifle Category (Stockless Subguns will be added to pistols, while stocked subguns will remain rifles.)
-Add More Ammo Categories (There will be several different caliber glock's/Mac10's as well.)
-Add stuff like Dual 1911's(from TNM)/Dual MP5's
-Add More Demolition type weapons
-Add Guns such as the Bolt Action WW2 Rifles, 1911's, WW2 Machine Guns (They won't be all over the place, aside from the 1911's and Mosin Nagants. these are pretty common IRL here in the U.S.) Expect European WW2 weapons to be found somewhere in France ;) , and sparingly state side.
-Add Heavy/Light Machine Guns
-Change AR Rifle Models to something that doesn't look terrible.
-Add Large Bore Rifles (Barret 50BMG, Etc)
-Will have some futuristic weapons in moderation however. But they might not be found until you progress to MJ12 Facilities/Black Ops type areas.
-Fix Numerous Bugs.

One other release will be simply and utterly ridiculous. So expect a Ludicrous weapons mod as well.
Weapons such as:
The GEC (Guided Explosive Cat) Launcher
Throwing Wrenches
Pool Ball Grenade Launcher
Pigeon Machine Guns
Stinky Fish Bombs
Flame Thrower Pepper Spray

No throwing foons/sporks unless it's by request. Off Topic Productions already did that one.

I'm shooting for a January 5th release date.


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Hums I think the mod will stay the way it is...
too bad because the overboardness of the potential new releases could have been great

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