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Jedi Fighter is getting a new release in December of 2015. Look for updates periodically until then!

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Jedi Fighter development is back on since September! The Force Awakens helped rekindle my desire to get this thing done!

There will be a new release in December which will include the following:

  • Six fighters representing the dark and light sides, with unique special moves and force powers, that allow you to explore 3 different saber styles
  • Support for your favorite gamepads (Sony Dualshock 4/3, Xbox360 controller, Steam Controller, Gravis Gamepad Pro) with predefined and customizable profiles
  • A new (widescreen compatible) UI, including a cool title screen and fighter selection screen prior to the match
  • 4 arenas to fight in, including a Tie hangar bay, Hoth at night, and perilous catwalks in the depths of the Death star
  • Runs in the original Jedi Academy for Windows, available via retail and Steam. (If someone wants to volunteer to help with OSX and Linux builds that would be compatible with OpenJK, please contact me!)

Check out the new site,\wp! Closer to release time, that site will be updated to include help information, release info, download links, etc, and will definitely link back to moddb.

Thanks for reading!

Jedi Fighter

JjForcebreaker - - 912 comments

Yeah! Awesome news.

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MattFiler - - 298 comments

Wow, that came out of nowhere!
Sounds like EoCIV might have some competition...

Nice work!

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skew Author
skew - - 76 comments

Thanks, and EoCIV looks pretty awesome too. The series of updates, the structured beta tests, and the note on your beta feedback looks like you guys have a good handle on your upcoming release. Looking forward to trying it out!

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skew Author
skew - - 76 comments

By the way, I modified Wudan's JAFont utility to create fonts with glyphs at any aspect ratio and much higher .tga resolutions to enable widescreen fonts. Things look great at proper 4K right now, and should look right even in 21:9 eventually...

I'll have info about it in an article in the next few days. Hopefully it'll be useful!

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MattFiler - - 298 comments

Thanks for the feedback, it's getting scarily close to launch now but the mod is pretty much finished apart from the menus and some other stuff, also thanks for the heads up on the font tool, I'll be interested to hear about it - sounds like it would be perfect for EoCIV if you're planning to release it?

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dg1995 - - 78 comments

Does it have dualshock 2 support?
The idea of this mod is cool i well try this mod when you release it.

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skew Author
skew - - 76 comments

If the Dualshock 2 works as a normal gamepad when using a USB adapter then it should work in Jedi Fighter also. I'll try to get a profile ready for it by release.

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Executor-64- - - 1,288 comments

ooooh hype

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skew Author
skew - - 76 comments

Tell all your friends :)

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Guest - - 692,326 comments

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cchiu - - 1 comments

hi, could you tell me how to install this? thanks

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