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A look at the first version of the updated Rebel forces.

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Hello once again!
It is time to reveal the new Rebellion fleet. The ships are not final and some balancing will happen to ensure a fair conflict (like those ever happen). These ships are different from the ones posted earlier as I felt I was giving too much CIS tech to the rebels and people might start thinking that this was another clone wars conversion. So here is the the new Rebel line up:


Corellian Corvette (CR90)
Corellian Gunship (DP20)
Ambassador-Class Corvette

Nebulon-B Frigate
Dreadnaught-Class Cruiser
Alliance Assault Frigate Mk2
Malestrom-Class Heavy Destroyer


MC80 Liberty type Mon Calamari Cruiser
Adjudicator-Class Heavy Cruiser

Viscount-class Star Defender

A few of the ships are not quite from this era, but earlier ships such as the Dreadnaught have been part of the New Republic fleets and have been heavily refitted. The Viscount is a temporary unit that will act as the Rebel counter to the Executor SSD until a more era appropriate ship is found. As for a suggestion to add additional capital ships to the list, the Venator and Malestrom are classified as heavy frigates or if you will light capital ships. They fill the void of additional capital ships that some feel this mod has.

Thanks for all your input and encouragement,


one request: can u add the providence crusier to rebels. they did use 1 in the war

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Guardian14 Author

I was going to, but have decided to make it a merc unit

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