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The newest RCOM v.1.0.5 Beta is now in the downloads section. Also, I have decided to keep RCOM exclusive for the time being, meaning it shouldn't be used in other mods. If anyone is interested in working together, contact me. If you want to use work from RCOM that another author has created (eg: Darius6's sounds, Ceano's HUD, ect) please contact them. Their respective readme's are contained in the download. If you don't know if the work you want to use is their's or mine, contact me.

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A TON of changes. Some notable changes include:

- Can upgrade all weapons now. Upgrades are more like "modifications" now. Increasing one attribute will drop another, so you'll be able to mod guns to your playing style without making them overpowered cheat guns.

- Reworked the Armor and bullet penetration system. The effect of armor against different bullet types (non armor pierceing and AP) is much more realistic, and uses a system that hasn't been done with CoP yet. The types of rounds finally behave the way they should according to what type of armor you and the NPC's are wearing.

- Reworked realisim settings. Medkits heal much slower but longer, you lose stamina slow but gain it back slower. You stay drunk longer.

- Made ammo cost much more, and enemies drop less. This is to balance out the fact the you use way less ammo in RCOM than the vanilla game.

- Reworked the guns recoil parameters. I added even more control into the player's hands and took away automatic adjustments for/against recoil almost completely. The guns typically have about twice the recoil as well, but it is more controllable by the player. So in the end, recoil is more skill based and no based on how good the gun automatically realigns itself.

- Included Darius6's great sound mod. The weapons sound MUCH more realistic, and guns are MUCH louder compared in the vanilla game where they were quiter than the rain. Darius6 also properly commented the sounds, which allowed the AI to react to gunshots at very long ranges if need be.

- Included Variation Mod v1.0, which varies the stalker's appearance so there aren't a bunch of twins running around.

- A LOT of AI work done, too much to write out, but here are the main AI changes:

1) AI will now react to gun shots they hear, and if they don't see an enemy the will evaluate in an alerted mode.
2) AI now have restricted vision at night. Used a method not done before. AI also won't hear as well in the rain, thanks to Alundaio from the gsc forums.
3) AI will attack you from long ranges. Past versions of RCOM and many other mods since have included what we all thought was a fix to this, but it was still hit or miss. I noticed something was wrong; that AI only seemed to fire long distances when not in cover. I found what was the problem, and now the AI have no problem putting one between your eyes from behind cover.

- AI behave different according to faction and rank. Details below:

Bandits shoot like criminals with little weapons training. They will have no problems unloading bullets in your direction as often as they can, but are also less likley to line up a shot before shooting at you and will miss more often. They have no problems running from battle and leaving their fellow Bandits to die if it means them getting out alive.

The military are very diciplined and well trained. They will line up their shots before firing, and fire more consistantly paced, accurate shots. They fire in short bursts, which means they aren't as likely to need a reload prematurely, and if they are at distance they will use single shots. While the occasional rookie may panic and desert battle, the military usually will stick together as a unit.

Duty is largely ex-military, and they behave exactly like them.

Their accuracy is in between military and bandits, as well as their firing techniques. They will flee battle less than bandits when things get hairy, but still lack the disipline of the military/duty to keep their composure in a battle.

Freedom behave just like Loners/Stalkers

Mercs behave just like Loners/Stalkers

Monolith used to be stalkers. The stalkers that made it far enough in the Zone to become Monolith were all masters from various factions. This means that Monolith fight with various combat styles in the way that those corrisponding faction's best men fight.

Also, all stalkers from ALL factions vary by rank:
Detection, reaction times, accuracies all get better with higher ranks of all factions, although certain factions take slightly different approaches to the increased skill through ranks. Higher ranks are also less likely to flee a battle until it is lost, and will regain their morale faster.

There's alot here that isn't in other STALKER:CoP mods, so I hope you give the newest version of RCOM a spin! Good STALKING! :)


Love your mod, played it with Atmosfear and Atmosfear Fallout and I give the combo a 10/10. Just one question, is it compatible with Alundaio's Various AI mod v.1.05? If not, is it totally conflicting or can I merge the two? If I can merge the two, how would I go about doing that? The thing is that the newest version of Alundaio's Various AI mod lets the player take NPC squads with him. I feature I always wanted to see in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Sorry, my mistake. I meant to say Alundaio's Various AI mod v.1.06.

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MacBradley Author

Well, later versions will include variations of Alundaio's AI mod, but for now you can try merging:

- Check RCOM script files for any occurance of "Mac" as I use tags (usually, hopefully didn't forget anything) to keep track of things I added to vanilla files.

- Copy what is inbewteen these start and end comments.

- Paste it into the same file contained in Allundaio's AI mod.

- Paste these new versions of Alundaio's mod into RCOM and overwrite what's needed.

- Hopefully it works!

Sorry, I can't offer further support for merging at this point.

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