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The next edition of Clan Quest Mod is indeed, still in the pipeline, includes new content, quests, as well as news about the ability to create new maps.

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It's time again to update the fans of this mod about what has been going on with Clan Quest Mod, as well as with recent developments in the world of Vampire modding. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to think this mod is dead, in fact, it's far from it.

First of all, I wanted to let everyone know that there is indeed more new Clan Quest content coming in the next edition. In the last installment, there was a big push to integrate a lot of the other mods for Vampire into one package, and while that same vain is being followed by integrating some of the element of CompMod into Clan Quest Mod, there is some more truly new stuff as well. I've learned that people really prefer content which doesn't require a particular clan to play (making the title of this mod more and more of a misnomer!), so there is a new quest available to any clan.

In addition to the partial integration of Companion mod, and the new quest, this next edition also provides some alternatives to parts of the end game content which have traditionally been in contrast with the rest of the game, being solely focused on combat. Namely, an alternative solution to the Fu Syndicate has been implemented, and depending on how time lines work out, there may be an alternative solution to completing the dreaded warrens segment of the game – one of the most buggy and grueling part of the game experience.

And finally, the next edition will showcase a lighter side, and include some whimsical Easter eggs, and off-color cultural references!

But to underline all this new development, is big news in terms of modding Bloodlines: one dedicated programmer, fire64, has managed to create tools that allow for the creation of brand new maps for Bloodlines! One of the biggest barriers to modding this game has finally been torn down, and I am already working on plans with Wesp, the programmer of the Unofficial Patch, to fill out the library map that was missing from the original game. It appears as though the sky is now the limit, with modding Bloodlines, which is great news for fans of the game and this mod. Personally, I think it would be great to see a new zone all together. It would be exciting to build a world based on South Central LA, and incorporate a little 'Grand Theft Auto' into Bloodlines.

But, this of course opens the door to so much new potential that it is nearly overwhelming, which brings me to a question I wish to put forward to the fans of the mod: What would you rather see more of? More new quests, on par with what you've seen so far in CQM using the existing maps? Or would you prefer to see new maps, environments, that are initially a little less filled out than the rest of the game? The biggest expense to developing this mod is time, which is why updates are few and far between. Choosing, one or the other in this case doesn't exclude other options, but it does push them further back in the priority list, which is why I want to poll people to see what you all are interested in.

Please post in the comments, what you'd like to see the soonest!

Oh, and if you're not already following my YouTube channel. Check out the link below. I've posted a new video demonstrating the ability to make new maps – and great potential of things to come!

Eylam - - 83 comments

I'm so excited about SDK!

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JoshMILF - - 23 comments

That is honestly fantastic.

Personally, as far as new content, I'm eager for anything well written which tells me more about the lore of the V:tM - Bloodlines world. Whether that's new quests or new areas and characters, or both. It would definately be awesome to see an expansion in a new town or city be made. That's very ambitious, though.

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twistedmetal - - 3 comments

Anything that enhances the city and surroundings of Bloodline's "L.A." as well as the people who live there is appreciated and welcome.
But a to build a whole new town.. i don't know maybe a bit too ambitious.

What i would like to see though, is a more Gothic-Noir styled L.A.
Something like a different L.A. .. "Noir L.A." more dark and dirty and more Gothic themed, and speaking of new areas, maybe 1-2 new neighborhoods of L.A. maybe South L.A. or Beverly Hills or the Harbor area.

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tirisecw - - 4 comments

Will it be compatible with Camarilla 1.5?

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Tyrranus - - 243 comments

I think Id love to see a new area and watch it get fleshed out...the old areas are getting kind of tired to have to play through over and over and over :)

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CaptainZAP - - 4 comments

There's this little area in the back alleys of the Hollywood Hub, with a little patio and a bench up some stairs. I always thought it was a great spot for an NPC encounter, and/or that the door there led to a new area.

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,618 comments

To be perfectly honest I won't be playing Bloodlines again unless theres going to be new maps :) I've played the game to death and back, and turning VTM:B into a open world sounds so exciting its hard to contain myself. Think of it like large sections of streets that have some loading sections in between. You can add many many of the these intersections into the preexisting maps of the campaign. It will be like Elder Scrolls except without the country side... well until someone spends the time to do maps like that.

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burgermeister01 Author
burgermeister01 - - 580 comments

Lot of good responses, gonna try to sum it all up in one post:

First, I'm glad so many share my enthusiasm about building new maps! I agree that (finally) having new maps will really breath some life back into this old gem.

@tirisecw: The next edition will not be compatible with CE 1.5. Perhaps the version *after* that, but there is simply not enough time at the moment to go back and make the major changes required to work in the CE 1.4 -> 1.5 changes.

@CaptainZAP: Hehe, I noticed that area, too, and am actually planning to use it for part of the next edition of the mod.

@TheUnbeholden: I don't want to get your hopes up, so I'll tell you that what you are suggesting still may not be possible! So far as I can tell, the map builder still isn't going to be great, and the amount of time it would take to string that many maps together might not be feasible without a team of people working on it full time. I try my best to emulate that kind of work force but sometimes there's just not enough time = p

In fact, I don't want to get anyone's hope up. It may be some time before the new maps might start popping up. The process is time consuming, to say the least. It will happen though.

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CaptainZAP - - 4 comments

Awesome. Thank you for all of your work, Mr. Burger! :)

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