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New key hooks, new profile system. Read the whole thing more info!

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First I'd like to say that I'm porting this from C++ to Lua and it's coming along very well thanks to my good friend Dozer236. He has helped me immensely with the coding. Further more I'm no longer using chat commands except for when you create a profile. Everything with building, buying weapons etc will all be key hooked. Here is what all I have planned out:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3 - Selection 1 - 9 (Selection1 = NumPad7. Selection2 = NumPad8 etc)

NumPadEnter = Main Menu key. NumPad0 key = Cancel. Page Up = Yes. Page Down = No.

Profile Layout

Main menu key:
Profile Options:
7 - Load Profile 8 - Delete Profile 9 - Create Profile (only if there isn't 3 profiles)
Create Profile:
Creating a profile will go in this order:
7 - Blue 8 - Red 9 - Green
4 - Yellow 5 - Orange 6 - Cyan
7 - Purple 8 - Pink
Once you pick one a msg will display saying this:
Your side color has been selected. Type !rgb to change your chat color
For now there is no diference between side color selection and !rgb except !rgb gives you better color control. You will however not be able to advance in the making of your profile if you just do !rgb. After you have selected your color you will be asked to input your username. To do this you type !setname. DO NOT USE THIS COMMAND TO MAKE ANY FOUL NAMES OR NAMES USED FOR MOCKERY OR IMPERSONATION. If you are caught with such names everyone of your ini files will be deleted and you will be kicked for trolling. You will be able to use alt codes in your name as well just please don't over due it and make your name a mess. You can not change your name afterwards so you will be asked to confirm it (to confirm you press the page up/down keys, up = yes, down = no).
After you have inputed and confirmed your name you will be able select your character. First you select which side to chose the chars from then you pick the char that you want. After you have done that you can then select your profession then side then your diplomacy (described below).
Load Profile:
Load profile will show up like so with a max of 3 profiles
7 - JadeÐrgn (Commander) 8 - whtdrgnpl (Militant) 9 - Blckdrgn (Mercenary)
Delete Profile:
Deleting a profile will erase all data tied to it so make sure that you REALLY want to go through with this before continuing. The menu is the same as load profile. You will ofcourse be asked to confirm it before deleting.

The profession selection will be as follows:

7 - Commander 8 - Militant 9 - Mercenary

Once you have selected your profession, you will be prompted to select your side. Press the Main Menu key again for the following:

7 - GDI 8 - Nod 9 - DISABLED

The third selection is disabled currently until I can put together one for normal renegade. Once you've selected your side, you will now be able to select your diplomacy with other players. This menu will be as follows:

7 - Alliance 8 - Enemies

When you pick one of them you will see a list of all the available players:

7 - JadeDrgn 8 - genxblaze 9 - Dozer236

The same will be for Enemies. However their profile names will show up not their in game names. The alliance/enemies will be linked via the profiles. Once you have selected your side, an mcv will arrive at your location and you will be able to begin building. Deploying the MCV is simple, go inside it and you will get a menu to chose the option to deploy (it's the only option there is for now). After you have deployed it you'll have to find your way out (it may be hard considering there is no interior, well there is but some people crash with it so I'm not gonna bother adding it). With the MCV deployed, press the Main Menu key (numpad enter incase you forgot already) for this menu:

Main Menu:
7 - Build Mode 8 - Buy Weapons 9 - Rank Up

The only functioning one for the time being will be Build Mode so that's all you'll see for now. Once you begin build mode, you can begin to build your base. These are the keys used in build mode all on the numpad: / = Base Structures. * - Base Defense. These keys are enabled whether or not your in build mode: - - Infantry. + - Armor. They will look similar to this:

Base Structures:
7 - Power Plant 8 - Refinery 9 - Barracks
4 - WarFactory 5 - AirStrip 6 - Helipad
1 - ComCenter 2 - TechCenter

It will be the same for all sides.

Well that pretty much sums it all up. Hope you all are looking forward to this as much as I am. I'm still currently setting up the profile system. Once it's all setup I will begin working on finishing porting the buildings over.


Looking good. Very good.

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