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Here are all the clones with their specific planets listed. This is only a blueprint, none of those is done yet.

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I thought of first finish all the Republic setup, and then make the same with the CIS.
None of those setups are finished yet, this are only blueprints.
Tell me what you think about that setup order.

Coruscant Jedi Temple (5th Security):
-Clone Security with Captain Rex

Dagobah Swamp (8th Attack Battillion):
-Clone Attack Troopers with Commander Ponds

Death Star Interior (501st Legion)
-Clone Troopers with Commander Appo

Felucia Marshland (327th Star Corps)
-Clone ARCs with Commander Bly

Geonosis Dust Plains (501st Phase I)
-Clone Troopers with Commander Alpha

Tatooine Mos Eisley (63rd Republican Guards )
-Clone Guards with Commander Trauma

Tatooine Jabbas Palace (327th Star Corps)
-Clone ARCs with Commander Thire

Kamino Cloning Facility (501st Legion)
-Clone Troopers with Captain Rex

Kashyyyk Beachhead (41st Elite Legion)
-Clone Scouts with Commander Gree

Mustafar Refinery (Shock Trooper Corps):
-Clone Shock Troopers with Commander Fox

Mygeeto War-torn City (21st Nova Corps)
-Galactic Marines with Commander Bacara

Naboo Theed ( 41st Elite Legion)
-Clone Troopers with Commander Gree

Polis Massa Medical Facility (91s Reconnaissance Corps)
-Clone Recons with Commander Neyo

Tantive IV Interior (Wolffepack Clone Battillion )
-Wolffe Troopers with Commander Wolffe

Utapau Sinkhole (212nd Attack Battillion)
-Clone Troopers with commander Cody

Yavin IV Temple (Clone ARF Corps)
-Clone ARF Trooper with Commander Trauma

Well, I think that are enough.
Hope I made it suitable for every single Clone Corps.
I'm ready for any proposed amendments.

May the Force be with You,
Benedikt "Benoz" Lechner

erod394 - - 51 comments

Everything looks solid! Plus what's the Clone ARF corps at the end?

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Darth_Saber - - 917 comments

You have a definite talent for blueprints, Benedikt. There are two things though, that I would like to see in a SW Battlefront II mod:

1. The Jedi Temple's defenders: In the vanilla game's "Operation: Knightfall," the player battles the Temple's defenders, but they do not appear anywhere else. It would be nice to have the option to play as the defenders of the Jedi Temple.

2. Jedi Temple Guard. In the Clone Wars: Animated Series, one gets to see a separate class of Jedi, tasked to defend the Jedi Temple. They wore neat masks, and carried saber staffs. Here are two links, relevant to these protectors:
(The photo on this site can be enlarged.)

Few were the Jedi that used saber staffs, and I always wondered about their side of the fight to protect the Jedi Temple. Pair these Jedi with their non-Jedi Temple Vanguard soldiers, and you could put up one heck of a fight against the 501st.

This would also be more cannon, as there were no scenes in either the movies or the series, where the CIS army assaulted the Jedi Temple. So if you would be willing to change the Coruscant maps so that the factions would be the 501st with Anakin Skywalker as their hero, vs the Jedi Temple (Temple Guards and Temple Vanguard), I would definitely appreciate it.

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Benoz Author
Benoz - - 326 comments

Sorry, I think these blueprints are far away from their realization.
My new Computer (Windows 7) strikes against Mod Tools.
I don't know what to do any more.
I tried everythink possible.
Maybe I can get my old computer working.


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XositoX - - 1 comments

Where is the download? Please, This mod looks really cool

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Dittler - - 27 comments

The mod isn't finished.There is no download.

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Guest - - 698,815 comments

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Guest - - 698,815 comments

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