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Added new 2D operations screen for managing the base and adding internal turrets/doors/forcefields. Also added a bunker to help defend key areas.

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So mostly been working on implementing the new path finding system and the operations screen.

The Ops screen will be used to construct turrets/doors and anything internal to the base as well as monitor its functions such as worker robots, activate defences if your under attack.

You will also be able to watch what your units are doing, see if there are any enemy bots in your base and will eventually be able to take control of defencive turrets and look through CCTV cameras.
Also added a bunker to help defend key positions on the map. The bunker can be upgraded with various components including extended radar/dome shield gun placements etc.



Nice! i like the schematics screen

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Looks good. any plans for an AimDownSights type thing in first person mode?

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Hesky1 Author

Possibly, I guess would be handy for those pesky units a little far away. There will be the lightning bolt rifle to take out people from afar and that will definatly have a scope.

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