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Started to add parade data for the "new" ships in my mod for each of the production capable ships.Will add\create semi-new parade data for some of the custom carriers and shipyards in my mod.

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Fixed missing build entry for the Keeper Mover in the Hiigaran Shipyards,Carrier,Hiigaran Vaygr Shipyard and Hiigaran Vaygr Carrier.

Fixed parade data for the Hiigaran Mothership\Shipyard and Hiigaran Carrier so far.

Will give semi-custom parade data to the following ships:
Hiigaran_Vaygr Carrier
Hiigaran_Vaygr Shipyard
Vaygr_Hiigaran Carrier
Vaygr_Hiigaran Shipyards.

Hopefully give the Hiigaran_Vaygr carrier and Shipyard the ability to build the advanced research module.

When I have finished the parade data I might upload a new version of the mod.

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