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A brand new multiplayer mode is announced: Valkyrie

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A new multiplayer mode is being officially announced which brings to only to 2 lonely modes including "Sick Basterd". But dont worry. I got 15 + to go. So what is this mode you might ask? Well I call it "Valkyrie."

In Valkyrie, there is a certain player on the opposing team who you have to kill in order to achieve points. However on the other team, another different player is chosen to kill you. In order to kill the target you must first hunt them. No specific markers or clues will be given to aid the player, only the name and weapon he is currently using. In order to find the target, one must search and stalk other enemy players. In order to defend yourself, absolutely no clues will be given and you must watch your back at all time. Also bonus points are given if the player uses the same weapon the target himself is using or if a player uses sadistic gameplay to their advantage. If you happen to kill the wrong target though, your whereabouts will be given to not only your hunter but to everyone. The game can be in a free for all where the player with the most points wins and is continuously given. It is also a team game as well where the team with the most points wins


Its like a ... Super VIP game??

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TheCrisisKing Author

If you have ever play "The Ship" thats what this is based on

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