I am presenting the new direction of Soviet Assault

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Hi to everyone!

Its been a while that i didnt post anything on the mods profile. Now today I would like to present the new direction of Soviet Assault. After watching over 40 short videos of Bad Company 2 gameplay I decided that my mod would look rather dull and boring if it didt have at least half of what the famous DICE game has. So starting today I am announcing that the sp map that will be in the demo is officially finished and will not be developed any further. Instead, i now began developing a multiplayer map that will closely resemble the Arica Harbour map from BC2.

Check out the images section to see the progress.

I am also reducing the number of classes to 4: assault, engineer, recon and medic

Infantry1242 - - 403 comments

No,dont do that.Many mods have tried to follow BC1 and failed.

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REDFOX2017 Author
REDFOX2017 - - 419 comments

I will see. If the progress will colapse than I will think about stoping, but now, what i found in the bf2 core is enough to make bc2 in my opinion. Offcourse it will not be as brilliant as i would like it to be but it would have 70% of what DICE did for Bad Company 2

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renegadekiller - - 1,319 comments

ahh a bf2 mod that will resmember BC2. nice ok,intresting turn of events.

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Ivanator95 - - 303 comments

That's a great idea,the more BC2 stuff is in,the better!

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Trooper425 - - 412 comments

Making it look like BC2 could be good or bad. As for the classes...
The only reason BC2 has 4 is because you can change them around so much. You can't do that in BF2. Keep your class count high.

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ytres - - 1,800 comments

That's eventually not going to work out IMO.

You probably don't know this, but BF2 can only have 2 unlocks on each class. 3 guns on total. It doesn't matter how you code the kit file, it's hardcoded into the game/engine and you cannot change it.

You could do it like Wookie's Sniper Mod, they coded the map a certain way and had a different menu. Download the mod and check that out, you may be able to figure it out. It's far from perfect and has a few flaws. Plus you can't use the exact menu in your mod, though, that's stealing, and stealing ain't cool.

And destruction in BF2 is not very good. Trying to make it like BC2's will result in failure, as the destructible object amount in each map is very low.

And there are other things that will go wrong, that I will not get into right now. Eventually you will hit a brick wall, and stop working on the mod,and all the content you already created/compiled will be lost to the community forever.

Also, recreating BC2 maps (which are WAY TO SMALL imo) and only giving 4 classes is really just downgrading BF2 in my opinion. Vanilla BF2 has more features and content than Vanilla BC2.

That's my opinion on this. Follow it or not, agree or disagree, but at least read it and consider.

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dodek96_pl - - 1,197 comments

To what you said about desctruction, I think you may have not considered that he can make his own destructible objects. Though I agree with 2 of your points, last and first. You probably can't make more than 2 unlocks and 4 classes is a bad idea, too.

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