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New missions for Imperial Conquest Are now being created, and Old Samahaki Mission has now been added to the mod itself, as new story campaign is in the works, only there will be no objectives in these Missions, in order to figure out what to do, you have to read the storyline that appears on the loading screen once you choose the mission.

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Hey everyone...

I am proud to say that Imperial Conquest is now getting missions, after a whole year in existence, so far I have managed to add the first official Mission of the mod itself Samahaki Village and add it to the mod, where now no one has to download the mission separately and can just play it on the mod alone.

And now I am working on a new mission one that is called a raid at Galdorph Gorge, which is also set during the Battle of the Sahara, where the Earth Resistance raided an Imperial Outpost and has to obtain and capture an AT-TE for the Resistance.

Now keep in mind, these missions are not going to be well done, there will be a few problems here in there, but also keep in mind, I am not a mission maker, there is only so much I can do, and that the missions I make will no longer have objectives to them, in order for you to find out what to do, you would have to read the entire story lore on the loading screen once you activate the mission, only then, it will explain and give you insight on what to do once the mission has commenced.


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