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Hey everyone, a bit late with these new videos but here they are. I will be making another one of these next week.

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Hey everyone, a bit late with these new videos but here they are. These two videos are on the Galactic Government. They took less time than I thought they would overall so that is why there are only two.

Next week I will start posting videos for the game play mechanics. I will do one segment (a segment being a group of topics or a single topic if it is a large one [IE. the battle system]) of videos every two weeks until they are all uploaded. Once all of the introduction videos have been uploaded I am going to start on the interactive video lore series I have or will mention in one of the introduction videos.

These will be videos that will allow you to explore the lore of the game through YouTube rather than having to go read through all of it on the website/wiki. I am aiming to have some production quality on these videos so they will not be done anytime soon as I will need to have some concept art, ship designs and the like. Think of the Elder Scrolls Lore series on YouTube, these videos will be something similar.

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