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A new video and tons of images are now up, and I have released a full story/background for Zombie Co-Op.

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Alright, I've posted new media of the current map I'm working on, along with pictures of gameplay in the latest up-to-date compilation of it. The video shows gameplay in it from the second-latest compilation, so you may realize many features you were removed/added/fixed in when you view the images. Just to assure you that, yes, work is being done at high quality and standards.

The Lore of Zombie Co-Op

The mod takes place in a region called "Dejkilia", which is on the planet Sunet in an unknown galaxy. The region of Dejkilia once was a thriving grassland with many different waterfalls, streams, rivers and ecologically friendly settlements (Towns, villages, cities). But after a starving traveler ingested the Pilyn plant in hopes of survival, he returned home terminally ill and his disease to his freinds and family. Two weeks after ingesting the plant and becoming ill, he died. Six hours later, during his funeral, his body awoken in a disturbingly mutated form with what appeared to be what the inhabitants of Sunet call a "Lok" (What we know in the HL2 universe as a headcrab) sprouting out of his head, controlling the body. He violently attacked bystanders, which caused them to mutate much quicker than those who had simply caught the illness.

The illness did not only affect animal cells, it has appeared. Soon, with each mutation, loose material from the mutants eventually fell upon the ground and became buried in the soil by the elements. This has caused even the ground to become infected with the mutator, destroying any plant life that lived off of it, and obsorbing any moisture. The whole region of Dejkilia was one, giant mutant.

Obviously, nearby inhabitants of the other regions found out about this mutation quickly, and developed an anti-virus that was injected into their water supplies. This allowed not only the inhabitants of the region to become immune to the spread, but also the land, thanks to private and public sprinklers.

Nonetheless, governments knew they couldn't live this way forever. They had to cure the land of Dejkilia, and rid it of the mutants. They developed anti-mutation suits and trained their anti-mutant teams, and soon sent them out to the region. The people of Sunet waited. And waited. 18 months and there was still no news from the governments of anything going on in Dejkilia. 34 months later, after the first discovery of the mutation, the governments publicly announce that they have been without contact with their units since sending them out, and believes they have either gone AWOL or failed. Word gets out that they disobeyed orders after seeing what they were up against, and now fend for themselves in the mutant region.

Present day, two days after the announcement of lost contact. You are have been gearing up to leave your city and head out to the Dejkilia region. You figure that you don't see enough action here at home, in this perfect Utopia. Like everyone else in your advanced city, your money is provided by your government, therefore you can buy anything you want with no drawbacks like debt or simply running out of money. You are easily able to obtain a transport helicopter after signing a form and have it parked in on your roof. Ready, you get in the helicopter and fire it up, and set your GPS to set Bulthaier as your goal point. Contemplating whether or not you'll be safe on your own, you decide if you should bring your friends or not, who are very much like you. You make your decision and head out.


Thanks for reading all! I hope you liked the little story/background I've written on Zombie Co-Op, it should help to make the mod less random and arcadey. It's also my brithday today :D


Happy Birthday :) Nice map.

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