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I have prepared many new spec ops missions that can be played and they will hopefully be out soon. I will also explain the full plans for this mod.

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Hey all.

I see you all enjoy those mini-spec-ops-missions. Guess what, I do enjoy making them too! So I am away from my modding PC for Easter Holiday but I have a flash drive with my modding cod4 installation with me and I can work on missions from here. I did some good progress with some maps and I would like to inform you guys about them.

First things first. We finally move onto "Deus Ex Machina" level! From now on, all planned missions take place in level 4 of "Rooftops" campaign! Until now I have prepared 4 cool spec ops missions in that level.

  • "Ground Control": In this mission you play as SV and you are located in the city square. You objective is same as Loz's in Rooftops campaign. Destroy all three ZPUs in the City Square. But this time you have to do it yourself with the cover fire of AV.
  • "Major Mayor": SV and AV must locate and rescue the Mayor as quick as they can. He is held as a hostage in his office in the City Hall. The team must move quickly through they City Hall facing enemy troops in their way, breach into the Mayors Office and rescue him from the enemy officer. (Inspired rom: COD4 Mile High Club)
  • "Siege": SV and AV are in the City Hall Mayor's Office and they have control of the main Computer which (as always) contains high value hostile data that you need to copy or upload. Until the data transfer is done, you will have to hold your position from lots of enemy soldiers who will try to prevent you from completing your objective. (Inspired rom: MW2 Loose Ends)
  • "Terminator": SV is inside the City Hall... alone. His objective is to kill all 10 Juggernauts that occupy the City Hall. His task wont be easy but he is well equipped with heavy weaponry and explosives. SPi will personally grand him a medal if he gets out of this alive. (Inspired rom: MW2 High Explosive)

So those 4 are are almost completed. I have one more planned to complete all spec ops missions and pack them all up in one mod. I won't give away anything about the last one because I want it to be a cool surprise.

BONUS: "Siege" Spec-Ops Mission features:
-Upload Data Objective. Data Upload Interrupts when enemy is near PC.
-There are destructible and build-able doors between player objective and enemy spawns.
-Player can build or destroy doors.
-Enemy AI destroys door if it's build and blocking their path.
-Lots of gun choices, mounted MGs, and claymores to defend your position.
-Player's AI partner (SV) follows player and he's strong enough to help him.

I hope I can upload one of those missions for you guys


**excited as ****, bitting his nails, bit off his finger** Your like a Infinity Ward junior....while IW keepa bombing us with ********, you keep bombing us with awesome new maps...

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Sounds good, I'll play this masterpiece over any of the new cods any day.

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SPi-99 Author

Thanks guys, I'll try my best. Been working on "The Hacker" this evening and it gave me a very hard time coding some cool features. But the result should be very cool.

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SPi-99 Author

Renamed "The Hacker" to "Siege". Fits more with the type of the mission.

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