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Fish is good for the brain - and serves well as map decoration too. This you can see on our map shot of OBJ-Maui.

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Fish is good for the brain - and serves well as map decoration too. This you can see on our map shot of OBJ-Maui. Milli's Caribbean theme based map is making progress and will definitely make you want to book a flight into the sun. Because Maui is not enough, OBJ-Hyperion - also by Milli - is featured in this news post too. Hyperion is mostly finished, only minor bugs left and general optimization has to be done - a great map.

OBJ-Hyperion OBJ-Hyperion

Milli's brother, Pere-Fouetard, supplies you with our third map shot. It's showing you a yet unnamed map (working title: CaspianSea) that's fast paced, narrow and very challenging - you will love it! The shot is also showing off one of our implemented sniper rifles, the Arctic Warfare Magnum aka AWM - a very deadly weapon for you to pick from the arsenal.

On the last map shots we're introducing 2 brand new maps for you: OBJ-Anvil and OBJ-Avion. Located on an old military base, BabyNuke's OBJ-Avion is an intense experience. Dog fights in and out of aircraft hangars create a thrilling atmosphere on a no longer used airfield. In line with the already huge variety in map designs, the last map we are showing to you is the excellent OBJ-Anvil, located in an industrial environment. Created by Spin, a member of the old TO team, it is concentrating on indoor fights and timed attacks on the objectives. While still in development, it's already one of our favorite maps and we are sure you will like it as well.

OBJ-Anvil OBJ-Avion

In the last couple of weeks our site got another nice feature. Some of you might remember the old website with its .plan files which were what you today might call blogs. To bring you the latest information about the current state of development and about our team, the blogs will be a bit of both: personal view and experience as well as TO:Crossfire related inside-information. You can find it on the navigation or you can click here. As usual, there is an RSS feed too.

TheFrog4u - - 117 comments

looks great, realy!

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Apostle - - 65 comments

It doe look great :)

The mapping seems really well thought out and detailed

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