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New playtest builds adds more freedom for custom deck building and the ability to create Defense Decks, allowing for an asynchronous multiplayer test environment.

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Hey guys,

A quick update to go along with the new Windows and Mac playtest build: during playtesting, you guys asked for more freedom to fill in your custom deck slots with any combination of decks.

You are now able to create more than one custom deck for the player races, instead of just being able to have one of each player race!

Also, a new custom player-made ‘Defense Deck’ system will allow players to make an AI version of their own decks for other players to battle against in practice mode.

If you choose a practice mode game, you can now select whether to fight against one of the practice AI’s, random player Defense deck, or your own Defense deck.

Have fun testing things out and looking forward to any playtester feedback on the forums:



Looks really polished guys! Can't comment much on the game mechanics obviously since I feel I'd have to play it to get a real feel for it. Artwork and transitions and all around visual feel seem great!

One recommendation I might make (might have to try it and see if it's a good recommendation), is to consider speeding up the movement of the units on the field. I feel the average gamer's attention span today may not be long enough to deal with some of the longer movement animations.

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Johndice Author

Thats a good suggestion! We'll give that a try!

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