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Imagine a new lobby ,who does not need gpgnet, for Forged alliance multiplayers games

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Lobby Forum Topic on GPG forum :

######Text by Ze_Pilot######

I'm happy to announce that the first public release is out ! :

Forged Alliance Forever - Lobby
- Why using it ? Gpgnet is still alive !
- What is it doing better than GPGNet ?

Here is a few reasons :

- GPGNet is not alive. It's still up, but not maintained anymore.
- Live Replay Bot equivalent is working all the time.
- Chat is not limited to 100 peoples. And it's faster. You can also join with any IRC Client on Mibbit.
- Custom games : No bug when you create a new game with the same name as an old one. You stay in chat. Games are announced in the lobby.
- 1v1 Matchmaker : TrueSkill matchmaking. Better than Elo, take ANY custom game in account for your rank !
- Why TrueSkill is better ? See here : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=52273&p=908046#p908046
- All the games are using the most recent and debugged version of FA, ladder included !
- LeaderBoard : It works. It doesn't mix with vanilla or whatever.
- And hopefully an update will come this week with a working Live Replay announcer in chat, and an automatic replay vault !
- It's faster, more responsive, take less memory, and it's actively supported by his developpers ! (

And last but not least :

- Forged Alliance is patched to 3606.
What is 3606 ? It's the "official" 3603 patch + power lobby + balance changes from the mods + tons of bugfixes.
See here for details :
You've got the real deal : Patched .exe, patched dll, no need to activate any mod. Memory leaks and such are fixed.

PowerLobby features :
- support for 12 players (+ any number of observers)
- auto-teams.
- Big map preview.
- Scores can be disabled.
.. and more !

"But so I can't play anymore on GPGNet without duplicating my install ?"

Wrong ! Forged Alliance Forever is doing the smart thing : It duplicates your bin folder, and fork all the game datas as needed. You don't need to duplicate your install and can play both in Forged Alliance Forever AND Gpgnet !

Know issues :
- If you want to see a replay, you have to do it with the forgedAlliance.exe in the binFAF folder of your FA folder.

If at any point you've got a big problem (doesn't start or something), download
and replace the file in your folder.

Official forums :

You can follow developpement on twitter :

Any bug or idea must be posted here : ... tatus=open

I won't fix or add anything not posted there. It helps me keeping track of bugs and patchs. You must register to bitbucket in order to attach files.

Thanks for Moritz for the powelobby, Legion Darrath for the 3603 modifications, all the alpha testers that give their time, in particular Nesar and Ephez, and big thanks for wolfmic who is hosting the server.

TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments

Hmm, might be something. I cant even connect to properly.

And a off-topic hint. There is no space between the last word in a setance and the following sign, such as "!", "?", ":" and so on.

So when you typed
- Why using it ? Gpgnet is still alive !
- What is it doing better than GPGNet ?

It should simply be
- Why using it? Gpgnet is still alive!
- What is it doing better than GPGNet?

Sorry if I seem like an idiot pointing it out, but it's kind of annoying to read when it looks like that.

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Galen512 - - 413 comments

oh my gosh! he has used 3x space to much! :o

honestly you are a idiot AtlasTasume...
i can read it perfectly and english is not my main-language...

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TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments

Dont call others idiots. You dont do it in real life (Hopefully), so you dont do it online either.

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nakkimake - - 1 comments

lol idiot

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Guest - - 693,372 comments

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