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Let's talk about Improvement and last tweaking from the feedbacks You send us from our Beta, and the new Launch time frame!!!

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Hi Everyone !!!

The feedbacks from the Beta (available in the IndiMeadows Bundle) were great !!!
It was mostly emails filled with very positive and interesting feedbacks (we didn't linked the page to any services to catch more feedbacks and datas, but we might try it another time if needed). So we're just improving and polishing the Windows, Linux and MacOs version of the game right now.

Because of the nice feedbacks and fine tweaking needed, we decided to report the launch of the game to the end of 1st March, more than this end of December. This extra time will allow us to offer a really finish version we will be proud of. The results will really worths the small extra waits, for everything will be a better experience to our future players and fans !
Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions of feedbacks you would like to share, and thanks so much for following us and helping us making this game better !!!

Have a very end good End of the year and Holiday Time!

Cheers !!!

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