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Making Chess More Exciting & Dynamic. Explaining some of the design decisions behind the game.

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Hello! I made this chess game: and now I'm explaining my reasonings behind the design decisions of the game. Open to get to know what you think, too.:steamhappy:

The basic premise seems solid as your using your turn (time) for creating more powerful pieces, so there is already a tradeoff there, because your really not developing your piece's position to a better one while doing that. Also your having less pieces after combining your pieces, so that can also be a tradeoff, as when you have less pieces, your lowering your ability to attack the same square as many times as with more pieces.

I feel like the movement logics for the piece combinations of same pieces (Pawn+Pawn, Rook+Rook, Knight+Knight) are solid, too. But those were the difficult part of the design. I tried to get the Knight+Knight to be approximately as strong piece as Bishop+Knight piece and feel like I managed to do it. Rook+Rook piece I tried to get stronger than the other pieces, but not overpowered. Also it is important that the pieces keep some weaknesses, so Knight+Knight still can't attack any adjacent squares and Rook+Rook can be weak if not in open position.

Maybe more controversial was that I decided to drop the normal pawn ability to promote to Queen. I felt like it's more interesting, because then you get a new piece which still could combine again and also it's more interesting decision to think to what piece to promote. Before it was 99% chance for the piece to promote to Queen, now it's maybe something like 80% to Rook, 10% to bishop and 10% to Knight depending on what situation needs. It's also a small nerf for regular pawns to encourage players more to promote their pawns.

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