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These are the new heroes of the Empire will be in the Mod

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These are the new heroes of the Empire will be in the Mod

Imperial Heroes

-Lord Vindican

-Darth Nox

-Darth Jadus


-Oveerser Tremel

-Darth Besrajeel

-Darth Baffent


Just an idea for heroes, what about the Emperor's Hand's?'s_Hand_(Sith_Empire)
Or maybe Darth Marr?

For the emperors hand servants maybe they'd be an infiltrator/spy type hero? For darth marr he's more of a commander from what I've seen in-game, so maybe some slightly improved bonuses to fleet/ground commander? Just ideas for though :D

If you're going for the endless empire era then Marr could be an early tech hero, then faded out as you progress or something, and as far as I recall the Emperor's Hand was still active during that time.

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its better to keep the list of heroes low, you don't want that the enemy stands with a army of heroes on your door, right? yeah indeed some key characters of the story and maybe the 8 classes in some way.

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