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New ideas for the mod has been drawed - thanks to you!

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I have been busy with helping at a huge lan party, so I haven't had the time to do this mod (for a week, sorry), but now I have been drawing some of my own ideas for the mod, and of course some of the ideas, that you, the community has brought to me. Its mostly based on what you guys have been telling me to include in the mod. One of the big things is the radio, which I am planning to intergrate into the car. Well enough of all that, here's the great list!Features and ideas for Highway 18

  • The car (obviously an important thing for many people...)
    • New car from the real world (hasn't been decided yet), maybe a ford pickup or something like that. Will be something "country-like", because that is the landscape theme.
    • Intergrated radio-streaming! Listen to radio over the internet, while you are driving your car! This could be,, etc. etc. There will also be a possibility for playing your own MP3 files on the local computer
    • Advanced speed-o-meter which tells you the cars speed in km/h and engine rpm (rounds per minute)
    • Details: We will try to give the new car model a lot of details. High res textures, and advanced modeling!
    • Lights: advanced lightning on both the front and back. There will also be extra flashing lights (mostly used at night), as you won't only be driving in daylight
  • Environment
    • A good and realistic environment, with a lot of "country-like"-details like mountains, dirty roads, forest, etc.
    • Blinded roads (the player should feel how to fail in driving). There will also be mountain roads, for driving up to hills and mountains.
    • Auto-changeable skybox: to reflect the usual daytime, the skybox will be automatically changing, either based on the time from the start of the mod, or the actual computer time.
    • Auto-switching road-lights: you know them from the real life, road lights. There will be placed some of them along the roads, to ensure good light detail. They will switch on as the night comes, and turn off while the daylight turns back :)
    • Road-details. I love signs for example, so I will make sure that a lot of signs and other road details will be placed. The highway 18 signs will be inspired from the European road signs.
  • Actual gameplay (I guess that's important too lol)
    • New HUD, different color, more advanced information about your health. Also a "helping hand" which can help you if you get stuck on a puzzle
    • New weapons. There will be "country-like" weapons like a shotgun or a revolver. Also weapons that you've normally seen, like desert eagle, AK47, etc.
    • A cell phone, to keep contact with the rest of the world
    • New "hands" - more realistic hands.
    • *NEW* a knife, to melee your enemies, for example if you have run out of bullets for your weapons (thanks to Swoff)

I have also been doing some new artwork, by making some new pictures for the mod:

If you have any other ideas to add, please feel free to post a comment!! I am so grateful for your help, thanks again!


Well, sounds like some interesting ideas :) Maybe the radio in the car could sometimes play music, but would be often interrupted by emergency broadcasts telling the player about something irrelevant to the storyline, such as why you are heading to the city your friend called you from. Im not quite sure the cellphone is necessary, what do you do with it? And the "auto-changing" lighting may be uneeded if there are only 4 missions and will require a ton of work, for you would have to make two different lighting setups.

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sounds great!

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