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Announcing the soon-to-be-released new version of New Horizons; Version 10.B!

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It was my intention to include in the next major release the 3rd New Horizons campaign mission (for the Soviet/CSTO faction), however the mission map is so large/complex, it has taken longer to create, and indeed will take more time than planned. On the flipside, once finished, the mission will quite possibly be the most detailed mission map so far, based on a real-life location.

So what will Version 10.B entail? Well for a starters, as part of the next mission map currently in progress, there is a significant portion of completely new assets which I have decided to include in Version 10.B. Consider these new assets as an early release, in order to get better acquainted with them before attempting this very complex mission. Some of the new assets will not necessarily be obvious/visible until the Next version release, but the most obvious will be new units/features, available to both the Allied/NATO and Soviet/CSTO factions, based upon real-life counterparts.

Next, there is a significant rebalance that has taken place, which will make encounters in the game more varied, and less predictable. This addresses multiple areas where it was somewhat easy to abuse the game. Units/features that before could be described as Over Powered, have now been rebalanced, so that they in fact do have proper weakneses (this will be explained upon actual release), while at the same time not losing their main purpose. But most importantly, this will make the game/Mod less annoying to play!

Besides the functional rebalance, there has been an overhaul in terms of economic rebalance in the game, which will make things much more interesting also (but again, I will only discuss how upon actual release). This is something that has been given much consideration into.

Lastly, there are miscellaneous changes. Most of which are mundane, or I simply haven't kept track of (it can be easy to forget things I've changed!). For example, AI improvements, and neatening/trimming code, some light debugging.

Watch this space for the next release ;)

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