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Explaining the new health-system of this mod. Video will follow soon.

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First of all I want to apologize for needing so long to get this done. Basically I should have provided details and ingame-material two weeks ago, but stuff didn't work out as expected and it took longer than I wanted. However, let's get to the news. Some time ago OnlineDino made a short comment on a "new health-system" that is being developed. This is my primary job in this team.

The situation:

There are two "main" health-systems in shooters. The first one is the one you know from Half-Life, Battlefield 2,... The player has x (e.g. 100) HP and needs to recover using items. The second one is the health-system you know from games like Call of Duty, where a player magically recovers within seconds.Thanks to the autosave-function the first system can make the player end up in a tough fight with almost no health and no items lying around, where you could reach them without dying.The second negates the aspect of survival completely and would not fit into this mod.

The solution:

Combination. Something that you may already know from Far Cry 2. The player recovers health, but won't reach 100%! As opposed to that, the player will loose health once he falls under a specific percentage.

In detail:
  • Between 100 and 80 HP nothing happens. This is kind of a luxury, as the player will never reach it by recovering.
  • Between 20 and 80 HP the player will recover untill he reaches the next power of 10 (e.g. from 25 to 30 HP).
  • Under 20 HP the player will loose health until he dies. The player needs to find a medikit or he will die after a specific time.
  • Once the player reaches 10 HP he will start hearing his heart beat. From then on his condition is critical. Every time he looses 2 HP, his heart will go faster and will become louder for him to hear.
    (Sure) Future Plans:
  • HUD-implementation of the players condition instead of a "clear" number. (to make it more subjective; as in real life)
  • Regeneration-/Bleeding-rate depend on the difficulty-setting
  • Toggle "camera-bobbing" when the players condition is critical
Plans that depend on the readers feedback:
  • Making player slower when in critical condition
  • Fully "subjective"-HUD (no numbers, no bars)
  • (insert idea from feedback here)

I will post a video of the current ALPHA-version of it soon. So, I hope you like it. And if not, please tell my why. Stay tuned - TheSniperFan

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