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We have just implemented a few graphic effects so the game looks nicer and so the player likes it even more.

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Hey everyone, as we keep making the game more fun to watch and play, some new graphic effects have just been implemented in the game. Here's the list:

  • Start game effect
  • "Your turn" effect
  • Player idle effect
  • Movement effect
  • Insertion wave effect
  • 5 sec left effect

And here are some screenshots:

Start game effect
Graphic effects

This effect starts at the beginning of the game, the tiles are randomly turned on before the first player can play.

Your turn effect
Graphic effects

When it's a player's turn, a glow effect is applied on the player to indicate that YOU can play and to show your position.

Player idle effect
Graphic effects

This is the same screenshot as the one above but in this effect you just have to know that the players grow and shrink.

Movement effect
Graphic effects

When a player moves (as you can see here) it intensifies his color and there is a streak behind it.

Insert wave effect
Graphic effects

When a new tile has been inserted a wave starts from the insertion and goes in the 2 opposite ways turning off the tiles and making them blinking.

5 sec left effect
Graphic effects

When the remaining time reaches 5 sec or less, the tile illumination is intensified each remaining second.

This is the demonstration video of all these effects:

Hope you enjoy this ! Stay tuned ;)

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