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We welcome heartily all users on our refreshed - hopefully final profile of Gothic Multiplayer on ModDB. And we welcome also heartily all users on our new - hopefully final design of (still in beta). As you can see, a lot of things have been changed. And these changes are the first omen of new Gothic Multiplayer.

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But is it merely an omen? No, you could even say it’s a part of new Gothic Multiplayer.

In our opinion, when you look at, going past the point of view that you got used to by other multiplayer modifications… and considering our passion towards Gothic series along with our innovative approach... You could guess the direction we’re headed.

Well, you can say it’s an uncharted direction, but also the direction we’ve always dreamed of and thanks to this years fusion - we can endeavor to form, that is mysterious even to us, since it’s not introduced anywhere else.

We believe, that form is the only answer for the situation that Gothic is in. We admire other solutions, inspire on them, but we trust, that no other scheme fits GMP.

It doesn’t fit, because we have a sense of a mission and ambitions bigger than delivering simple multiplayer modification to a narrow group of players.

And if you don’t know what we mean, just await for a proper explanation of our plans, that are realized when we have time. This news is the first from the series showing our idea for a “relaunch” of GMP… and revitalizing our beloved game series.

When the next news will come? When it’s done. The answer for the release date of new Gothic Multiplayer is the same.

Yours mysteriously,

Gothic Multiplayer Team

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