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Watch our new gameplay video featuring the new Celean heavy armor!

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The price to play Skara has dropped 50%! You can now jump into the arena to try our next-gen competitive Hack'n'Slash for $9.99!

With a much more stable build and new features to enjoy, the time to join Skara has never been better. And we need player feedback now more than ever: LOTS of it!

So in return for joining Skara in Early Access, we are offering VIP treatment and
some exclusive items, including:
• Your money back as in-game currency once the game goes F2P
• Exclusive Limited Edition Weapon and Shield
• Limited Edition in-game Avatar

Preparations are underway for another update Monday, 22 December, so keep an eye on the blog for a more detailed account of additions and changes coming to the game.
Meanwhile, enjoy our latest gameplay video, featuring new Celean heavy armor and vote for us! :)


So you want people to pay money to beta test a Free 2 Play title....right

Why would you only give back exactly what someone paid once the game launches? They are paying you to test the incomplete buggy version of a title. You should at least give back double the value in store credit once the game launches so there is some incentive to buy your beta.

Being a fast paced hack n slash title how is the multiplayer achieved? Is your game laggy peer2peer or can we expect lag free dedicated server experiences? If so, is it possible for just anyone to setup a dedicated server? I have access to a fast connection that I would ideally use to host a private dedicated server to play this title with friends, will this be possible? If not, can we expect dedicated servers provided in Australia?

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