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This post shows future concepts for gameplay mechanics

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Hello everyone, before in my last post I mentioned a 3 stage gamemode for the largest map of galactic conquest. This new style of play will not change much of the games core mechanics but will deep game play, making the interesting interesting game a lot more fun, hopefully.

Stage 1


the mechanics of how the empire is repsented in the EAW quite correct but to balance to make game more fun and realistic for the rebellion we must make some changes. Firstly the empire has a planet control maximum, this means they can only control 3/4 of the planets on the map. The player can move their fleet/ navy to control different planets but they can only ocuply 3/4 of the galaxies.


Now for stage one there are many changes to make gameplay to make it more realistic and fun. The first change many of the economic mechanics. In this stage the rebellion cannot control planets with their fleets and armies but they have influence over planets. Influence allows you to gain money, troops and ships. You gain influence by completing missions. Every 3rd mission mission the rebellion gains a new type of unit. On every 5th mission a new planet is unlocked to influence. The player receives donations from planets on a weekly basis. The rebellion can move their units anywhere on the map, untill there attacked. The last change is the rebellions ability to purchase things, they can buy small units like troops, star fighters, spy unit to monitor enemy movements and smugglers to help fight and make money.

stage 2


more unuts are unlock. They can control more planets


the rebelion can now build tech 2 units like some tanks and corvettes. They can also build bases on planets but this will be set this allows them to build some units.

Stage 3

this part of the game is tech three. There rebellion gains all influenced planets and the game turns into the vianalla gameplay style.

If you have any questions please go and ask down below. These ideas may change and if u have any ideas please notify me. Thanks

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