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The latest updates did add tons on improvements to the game. Among many other improvements for The Cursed, the game was polished, super weapons were added and even a new game mode was implemented making in prettier and more action packed than ever before!

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A lot has changed since the last news post for The Cursed. Brand new installer versions were released covering tons of changes that make the game better looking, more action packed and more balanced than ever before. Besides the continuous bug hunting, polishing and optimization of the game balance, following topics are major improvements.

New game mode: Control Point Victory

A new game mode was added that replaced and expanded the old King-of-the-Hill mode. Now, you have to capture and hold one or multiple points on the map to win a match. Team games are now possible, the UI features are improved and several scoring modes are available like count down, domination or tug of war. As known for the KOTH game mode you start with a little base and increased income that enables you to jump into the action directly.

Control point victory

"Make me pretty"

Normal maps were added for almost all big units and buildings - this was a ton of work. The visual effect further enhances the quality of all models especially visible when things are in motion or close-up.

Normal maps demonstration

Finally ingame: Super weapons

Super weapons are now included and can be accessed during late game. The imperials will use nukes that cause a significant amount of destruction in the target area. Nukes are available after upgrading the imperial Technology Center. The Cursed can summon a Hell Storm that is as destructive as the nuke and can be accessed after upgrading the Cursed Altar.

Normal maps demonstration

Be rewarded: End-game awards

All kind of awards will now show up in summary window at the end of the game. In earlier versions this functionality was already included. However, only a small fraction of the now included awards were available.

New awards added

Enhanced AI features

Many tweaks were implemented for different AI behaviors. Heroes will be rebuild in Skirmishes and will level up more robustly. Units that have the jump/teleport ability will react smarter now and Xenosect Goliaths will not show up too early in-game to avoid too much damage caused by neutral units.

Full metal map control

Game sided metal map control is now implemented. In-game you will identify this first by the new metal multiplier mod option that allows to define the metal output for every single game. The part that will not be seen is as important: the game now controls the whole metal layout of maps. Here, the metal map for individuals maps may be replaced to make it perfectly fit for The Cursed.

Polished UI

The old user interface for the Imperials sometimes had some visibility issues especially on snow/ice maps. This was greatly enhanced by the optimized UI which also has lots of other little optimizations included.

Polished UI

New map mix

A new set of maps was added to the installer which are both beautiful and a great layout. All predefined missions/matches were adapted accordingly of course. There are tons of additional maps out there of course.

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The Cursed The Cursed Full Installer V 1.411 (Windows)


What exactly does this have to do with Warhammer?

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azaremoth Author

I got a big part of the inspiration from Warhammer and old Doom games. Taking a look at the Cursed race you will be reminded of Nekron and Chaos. However, it is not as close as Starcraft ;-)

As far as the news are concerned, indiedb proposed that group, maybe based on the summary text and I like the cross reference.

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