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New and quick good news on future plans on this mods and it progress!

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Greetings to all, so here we are again with some news and some talk about this mod, as you know with last version 2.0 and patch 2.5 I have add Tyranids race and Witch Hunters race and big number of new units and stuff, also as you know there a lots of bugs and errors (game crashing, missing text and icons and stuff like that) I also posted news that I am planing to add more race to this mod and I am happy to say that Inquisition Daemonhunters and Chaos Daemons are planed for the next version and I am sorry to say that Chaos Daemons will have to wait, for I have find some problems that I dont know how to fix but I will try. Now let us go back to the main topic and say some new stuff that will come in new version that I will now rate from 1% to 100% in how much is done:

1. Inquisition Daemonhunters as new race with new stuff and balance. 10%
2. New units for all other races. 10%
3. New buildings for all other races. 100%
4. Brand new gameplay options for Chaos. 50%
5. AI for the Witch Hunters. 80%
6. Some more UI changes. 25%
7. New type of resources that will be required 0%
8. New Sound and music. 50%
9. New Icons for all races. 10%
10. Lot of bug and error fixing. 15%

That is just small showing of what u can expect in new version.

And again I ask for any advice and help that u can offer, some bug or error fixing, new models, new textures, new ideas, new suggestions it is all appreciated and welcomed from anyone. Thank you for reading and support.


"New units for all other races. 10%"

Dang, and I thought the list of your new units was good already! I'm amazed at what this mod has to offer.

Keep up the good work.

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dantles1992 Author

I hope to make it as good and nice as I can but it cant compare to UA and Codex and those other mods, I do all my best and I have a lot of ideas and the thing is I like new units with new models or textures so I search and ask anyone for models, sounds, textures and stuff like that, it might sound stupid but I like to do modding more then anything else and I am sure no one is interested in my story and to tell in short, this is all I have left to do now and I appreciate support that u guys give me

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You'd never know honestly, there is a possibility that any mod can be as good as any mod. It is what you make it out to be and how much time you spend on it/with it. :)

You got that potential. And you are doing it QUICKLY. :)

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