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I just thought I had to tell my fans something big(gish) is coming...

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I thought it would be nice to update you all on a new big update coming very soon, I need to go take some screenshots and maybe a video or two (seeing as I now have Full version of Fraps). So this is just an update for an update, bear with me tho' as my upload speed is quite slow (I get my full download speed tho')

Also Thanks to everyone whos watching and commented so far, the reason for this late update is because of my new pc, ive been too busy trying out loads of new games aswell as mapping during my 'free' time but ive had my fill of gaming so all attention is now back on this.

One other thing ill be putting something up for everbody to vote for soon aswell and depending on the amounts of fours and againsts, it will still happen at some point.

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