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In this dev-log, we talked about new stuff like Multiple Weapons System, Dialogue system, Multiplayer and a lot more!

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Hi everyone!

This indieDB page is kinda new. These are the features that I've been working on since the 0.1 version. The 0.1 version is the gameplay video you see on this game's main page.

First of all, TLDR video of the current version of the game (Pre-alpha v0.5.0):

Okay, it's pretty short I know. So let's break down the new things:

Weapon System

You start the game without a weapon and you're vulnerable. You need to find a weapon briefcase to gain one. There will be more ways to get a weapon in the future.

Now, you're not only limited to slow, clunky pistols. You can assassinate your target swiftly with a knife or explode them into pieces or even beat officers with their own weapon! Weapons have limited uses and once you use them, you need to find another weapon. So better not miss! More weapons will be coming!

Dialogue System

Well, with this update, npcs have mouths AND they can scream. People now talk about random stuff or something related to the environment or even react to events. Some of them even follow you to ask for money. The new dialogue system is currently one way but there are plans to improve this system more!

Main Story and Game progression

I can’t say much since it’s still under heavy development but we’re going with the roguelike route. You spawn, you kill the clone and you get rewarded progress based on your performance. Then you move to a story section of the game. After that game gets harder by introducing new mechanics and security measures.

Various Other Changes

New map sections with new mechanics. One has vent leaks that block your vision. The other one has verticality.

New mirror design

Stamina system. Now you can only run so much before the clone stabs you in the back!

Target-like NPCs. The game now generates other people similar to your target

Localization. Wrote my own localization solution that works on excel. Now the game supports multiple languages! Well, currently two. English and Turkish (my mother language) but the game definitely will be translated into other languages if I can afford some localization services in the future!


Yep. The single most requested feature even in the first jam version. Actually, most of my time since the last update has been spent on this feature. These features are relatively newly made. The good news is that the Multiplayer build is working! I’ve even done some playtests and things seem very promising! I’ll talk about this in the following article since this is already becoming too long. So wait for that next update!

Okay, so that's it for the update. Maybe we’ll have a steam page ready in the following months. I’ll definitely let you know!

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