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People ask for a release date, well, here it is! Along with some new features, this news article will give you the first release of the beta of Left 4 Theft.

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New Features

  • The safe camps in the free mode will now contain people who sell cars to you.
  • Survivor System: Special survivor missions will become available after completing certain missions. After completing the first survivor mission, you will be able to call in the help of the saved survivor by pressing a hotkey. Each completed survivor mission will give you the ability to call in one extra survivor.
  • Respawning weapons throughout the world.

Release Date

People have been asking when the mod will be released. That's why I picked a date. On December 3rd you will be able to play the first version of the mod which will contain the first campaign, 3 survival maps and missions and features available in Los Santos in the free roaming mode. But, before the mod is ready to be released, I need a few 'beta-testers'. I already got one, but I still need a few people. If you want to test out the mod, simply send me a message regarding beta testing.

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