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we talk about the new engine and what it means for you

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After long searching we have found the right engine for us, out first we thought about using FPS creator, but after long discussion we decided that the engine was to armature, and wouldn't be able to handle the idea of Arigondia, however we have found a new professional engine that we have played around with, and we loved the results, The Unity company, and Five productions are now working together, not only will we be making the new Arigondia game with it, we will also be working on some mini games to keep us preoccupied, we have gotten the OKAY from Unity to take the sample scene "angry bots, and make a full length Video game with the Assets, we are working with the unity team, so it's not 100% only us.

what this new engine means

  • we will not be limited to a small map, we can build full length game, like call of duty.
  • more than just FPS (first person shooter) games
  • Build more Free Rome games
  • custom content made by us, and not used by anyone else.

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