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Platonic Partnership Crunch weekend. Switching from Visionaire Studio to Unity.

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Strength in Unity

Those of who follow us on social media, may have noticed, that we were confined in an office space for three days, as we were developing Lydia for the upcoming release this Spring/Summer.

We’re actually developing the game for the second time, as we switched from Visionaire Studio to Unity. There are a number of reasons for this, by far the the most important one is the flexibility of Unity. But because of this, we need to script the entire game from scratch and update the majority of assets to higher resolutions. But we’re confident, that this will improve the product.

Thanks to the intensive weekend, we’re practically back there where we left off with Visionaire Studio. Only thing lacking is the last, epic scene. There’s of course a number of smaller things missing and a proper polish is somewhere along the endless list of Things-to-do, but the overall progress of the game is looking promising. Even though we switched the engine in the middle of the development.

The game is looking and sounding mighty fine, and the depressing and desperate mood is spot-on. We got a butt-load things to do, but we’re getting there!

In the mean time, here’s some video footage from our crunch weekend:

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