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Former rebels and citizens who have gone to marauders

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New enemies are former rebels and citizens who have decided to become marauders. 
They are often referred to as "Raiders" due to their behavior. 
Basically, they rob or kill citizens who have the opportunity to run from the occupied cities - the Alliance.



Woah, this is honestly such a great idea! I don't think there's been a mod that's played with the bad side of human nature like this. Usually, it's just the rebels vs the Combine, but having a faction of humans that are just out for their own personal gain adds a whole other level of intrigue to this mod! Great work!

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There will be female variation too, right?

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famychoff Author

It won’t, and it will be easy to explain why it won’t - due to the fact that women in the rebel detachment very rarely desert, then if they want to join the "raiders" - then basically they are captured and raped and finally killed. Therefore, women in rebel groups are the least likely to desert, or try not to get caught by gangs of raiders.

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Understandable. have a nice day.

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