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A new, even better than Chromanin mod is in the making.

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Encouraged by mostly positive reviews, I am glad to announce that I am making a new mod. At the moment it has no chosen name and is half finished.
There's no release date yet, but I can say that the earliest possible one is the beggining of June.
However, my work flow is much faster now, so it IS probable that the mod will be finished by then.

It will feature:
-Never seen before, subtle hint system
-New assets, along with some music made by me especially for this CS
-Rare environments: sea, properly done woods and mountains
-New potions
-Crafting system (for making these potions)
-Tinderboxes getting back a crucial role of which make for a refreshed, but still familiar gameplay.

Changes when compared to Chromanin:
-Higher number of scary events
-Less note-reading
-More interesting enemy encounters
-Better-written and more action-packed story
-More original puzzles
-Better optimisation (remember those laggy wood levels ?)

Similarities to Chromanin:
-Very detailed maps
-Similar moonlit atmosphere (with a fair amount of new moods)
-Collectibles, although they will be more gameplay-related than previously
-Bonus level with fun facts and such
-Most likely high-standard voice acting as well, but I cannot confirm it for 100% yet.

Plot premise:
Ethan Roscoe sets sail for the desolate Madden Island - the new home of his cult-fanatic twin brother, Clyde. He hasn't given a sign of life for way too long, so Ethan decides to pay him a visit.


Sounds really good! :o

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Simply great, Chromanin was superb!

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That's super-gucci news, but please, don't bring the element of reading notes down to a very low floor! I feel like they help up build tension for those who read them, and I enjoyed the notes in Chromanin very much!

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Darkfires Author

Do not worry! Writing is still one of my favourite things in making Custom Stories.

Chromanin had some areas in which too many notes appeared in a row, without breaks for any gameplay. There were also some notes which were waaay too long compared to their usefulness to the story/gameplay.
So that's what I wanted to fix. No more irrelevance and read-streaks :D

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