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So we have a new concept artist! (ZitaX) We have new concepts too, noone of which made by him!

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User Posted ImageSo we have an amazing new concept artist, ZitaX. He has done work on a few mods and small projects before.

Dacard of Deviant Art has given his permission happily to let us use his concept as the main concept for the Generic Nazi Soldier. Generic Nazi Soldier Concept

We also have a few new weapon concepts!

A U.N. sniper! So far we have no name for it! Fell free to leave a name in the comments and we may just choose it!
U.N. Sniper Concept

A U.N. Pistol, yes very similar to the Bereta.
U.N. Pistol Concept.

Now, onto our new talented composer! His name is Justin Cox! Hes producing the main menu piece of the game! The piece is titled "Total Damnation"! Checkout his work at

Now for the terrible news, I, MadMonkey119 am going on vacation for a TWO weeks! Yes, two full weeks! I know your asking, "How can I live without an update for TWO weeks" well the answer is "YOU CANT" We will continue to update it just wont be me doing it! For now, J*Rod will be handling the job applications.


Good luck and congratz for a new member!

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The U.N Sniper looks alot like a Scar-H ( mag zone ) and a SiG 550 on the barrel. And the Stock reminds me of a Barret.
And the U.N pistol looks like a Colt 1911 and a Berreta put together.

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(picks up pistol and shoots himself in the head)

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