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I have added a new character (Chrome's mother) and also the possibility to view NPC sheets as well.

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New character


I have added a new character, Talia, Chrome's mother.

She started to learn magic back when she was younger, way before Chrome did, now 33 years old, she is a pretty good wizard and acts as a mentor for Chrome, helping him to study and improve as a Wizard.


Just like Chrome, she got unusual violet eyes, very pale skin and pitch black hair.

She is very kind and intelligent but you never saw her interact with other people, as you both live in a secluded cabin in the snowy mountains of Balsik, hours of walk away from the Imperial City of Hawksburg, the place where you were born.

You both moved here after your father's death, when you were only but a kid, for some time you thought that she had moved away because she could not afford to live in the city but eventually you have found out that being a wizard pays very well, especially if you are a pretty decent wizard.

NPC Sheet

Some time ago I have added the Character's sheet which contains all the information needed about Chrome (Background, Spells, Inventory, Journal, ...), I have decided to add a character sheet for NPCs as well.

Rat Sheet

During a fight, you can left click an opponent at anytime and it will open up its character's sheet.
When it is open, a knowledge skill check is automatically thrown (Knowledge: Nature in this case, since it is a rat), the result will determine how much information is shown to you.

In the example above, we did a pretty good throw (23), this was enough to view its background, statistics and language spoken, however it was 2 points too low to be able to view its skills.

Rat Skills

Knowledges are stored and can be viewed at anytime (In a sort of "Codex"), you can attempt a better throw only once you have levelled up, if you attempt to open a character sheet of another rat, the same result as your first rat will be used to view its information.

If the new result will be lower than your old one, the old one will be kept, so you do not risk to "forget" some information, those skill checks are always done automatically.

Talia Sheet

You can also view the NPC Sheet of overworld NPCs, when viewing a human's character sheet, no knowledge checks will be made but all the information you will be shown depends on your level.

Since Talia's level is higher than yours, almost no information is shown, but if you were the same level or higher, you would be able to view all the information as if you had made a perfect skill check.

NPC sheets will be especially useful when you will be fighting an unknown creature, while rats are simple enough to kill without having to view information about them, other creatures have resistances and/or immunities and if you do not know them, you risk wasting all your spells without dealing any damage.

That is all for now!
Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next update.

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