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The invasion of Nemeroth's Chosen on the Graia did not go unnoticed, and various forces decided to intervene in the conflict. Many new, previously unknown faces appear among the participants of the battle...who are they?

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Among the planet liberation fleet, in addition to the Ultramarines, consolidated detachments from Black Templars, Blood Ravens, Emperor's Vegetables, Cheese Hunters and Angry Mozeists were noticed. Yet Nemeroth was not alone as well. From the warp rifts Graia was also poured by Blood Adepts, Fruits of F*cking and emissaries of the Word Bearers.

Angry Mozeists Chapter

Space Marines chapter created from a mixed geneseed of Imperial Fists, Angry Marines and Marines Malevolent

Motto: unknown

"The most terrible in its eternal anger chapter...Crimson hands, ready to tear out the spines and crumble the skulls, sabatons covered with dried blood from constant kicks and eyes burning with a sinister flame. While Imperial Fists strengthen their positions, the enemies of Mozeists strengthen their nerves in anticipation of the inevitable. They kicked Custodes a**es. Master blacksmiths. The true support of the Imperium"

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(this pict is probably taken from chapter master Mo-Zi himself, but it is not known for sure, as the creator of the pict was found with a banner in the a** and died from a heart attack)

The first chapter master was Mo-zi, the Emperor's grand champion, son of Dorn. Once, he was chosen by the Imperial Fists and with hundreds of his brothers, was sent to found a new, mixed chapter. After hundreds of years, countless significant battles and resounding victories, he fell in one of the most legendary battles, which every segmentum Tempestus child still knows about. But his soul burned so brightly that even the immaterium could not accept it, and it returned back, incarnating into a living saint. Still he appears in the most difficult hour and directs the hand of the chapter to its greatest achievements. But battle brothers still wonder where their master's physical body disappeared that day...

Fruits of F*cking Warband

Fruits of F*cking, among the fallen worlds known as the "Bringers of Bullshit" is a Alpha Legion shard, worshipping Slaanesh. Armed with the "herald of the only true opinion."

Motto: "For f*cking and yard...I take it point-blank"

"Fruits of F*cking are also known to be involved in maintaining drug traffic on hive worlds throughout the Imperium. As an example, every 5th drug dealer in the Necromunda subhives is associated with Slaanesh cults. Every 10th person personally saw one of this warband members, but all the investigation missions ended in failure, because the last thing they heard from the spies was their cry and contented rumbling. Assassins of Callidus temple sent once against the warband went missing. From all the attempts only Kulexus assassin returned, but refused to talk about what he saw and disappeared in an unknown direction."

20220909201850 1 1

(the pict was checked by the Ordo Hereticus and recognized as so heretical that the world where the pict was made was exterminated three times, and the pict itself was stamped with purity seal over the most terrible weapon hanging almost to the ground of the gift of the Prince of Excesses)

...Who would have thought that one of the most ardent and loyal followers of the Emperor and Dorn would suffer such a distorted fate. Yes, Mo-zi's spirit left his body, and after a while it returned to the material world. But his body was found on the very same day of the great battle and stolen by vile Fruits. For their defeat on the battlefield, they decided to take revenge in the way of servants of She Who Thirsts. The master's body was given to Fabius Bile, who brought him back to life by infusing an unknown entity in it. So, what was once Mo-zi has joined the Fruit of F*cking and now faithfully serves Slaanesh.

Cheese Hunters Chapter

Loyal remnants of Death Guard Legion, Cheese Hunters are a fleet-based chapter with the capital ship called Fortress of Cheese being chapter's fortress-monastery.


  • "The wind will be our herold, bringing smell of cheesy doom. You will have just as many holes as cheese does right after you smell it"
  • "Here are the Sons of Monterey Jack, unyielding stalkers hunting for your life and cheese in cheesiest way possible"

20220909201235 1 1

(Chapter colors, Monterey Jack-era)

20220909201214 1 1

(Modern chapter colors)

The most famous member of the order is Monterey Jack, first chapter master and chapter's founder. Legends tell that he was the master of one of the Legion's chapters back in the days of Great Crusade. Imprisoned on one of Imperial prison-ships for more than ten millenia

Emperor's Vegetables Chapter

The remnants of loyal Alpha Legion shards, who founded a fortress-monastery on the large agrarian world.

Motto: unknown

"Crowned with bay leaf, carrying soup recipes and bad jokes with them, the sweatiest of the hands of the Beloved Emperor."

Emperor's Vegetables

Few understand this chapter. Their goals sometimes seem crazy, and their actions - meaningless. The origin is shrouded in mystery. But even under the heavy gaze of the Inquisition, Vegetables play their own game, pursue their own interests. Their sworn enemy are the Fruit of F*cking, but who knows what is hidden under the mask of this enmity, and are their thoughts really so pure? Here the credo of the blind man in the dark was elevated to the absolute, and the crazier the Vegetable, the higher he can rise. But for those who have discovered the deepest abyss, there is only one way - the one that is similar to the path of the Death Company.

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Hello, I have a question...
how to play with AI in Augmented mod?
The mod is beautiful, I was playing a bit with the new classes (if it reads weird, it's because of the translator...)

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