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Now i want to tell you about New Canon system. Read it wisely, brothers and sisters.

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New Canon System.

I organised new canon, because old was.... cake. It was combination of several plots with too much evil forces, too much deaths and too much "grimdark". Now its will be more and more... funny. Its of course will have "almost hollywood" plots and enemies, but its will be given with a lot of smiles. Its will be full of some jokes, humour or other things like that.

Now i want introduce 2 lines of the New Canon.

1. War with Cerberum.

In this line many heroes of the ancient times fighting with the greatest enemy, which have name Cerberum the Chaotic. Also this line have plots about war with another enemy - Excelsior The Absolute. Two these enemies have connections with Dark World energy, so they are all horrible forces.

2. Chronicles of the 26 century.

This line have connections with Old Canon. But in this line heroes will be like... SG-1 from Stargate TV show. They will explore new worlds, fight with many enemies, find the arthefacts, colonise planets and other good things. Of course there will be mighty enemy. Not Yotuns or Potestas, but new enemy. Enemy, who also have connections with Dark energy.


I hope, information was useful for you all. Don`t forget to visit this group sometimes.

I am going to post more news soon.

Regards Alexander K.


Oh yeah I like it! Especially that SG1 part ;)

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BagaturKhan Author

Thank you!

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