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NEO Scavenger beta and demo builds are updated to v0.952b and 0.952d. And today, for the first time, there are Mac and Linux downloadable versions!

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NEO Scavenger for Mac and Linux!

Thanks to the last bit of publicity on Greenlight and Desura, I was able to invest in a used MacBook. And after a weekend of wrangling, I've got it dual-booting both OSX and Linux, and can create binaries for Mac and Linux now. Yay!

Of course, since I'm still pretty new to both OSX and Linux, I'll probably make some mistakes along the way. So if you have any troubles running either version, let me know.

Major Fixes

One of the main updates in v0.952 is a range of bug fixes. NEO Scavenger's been acting pretty weird lately, mostly due to some memory-related bugs in combat. All kinds of crazy things were happening as a result, including endless turns, empty combat options, mixed-up status messages, not being able to leave combat, etc.

Basically, if you've been seeing weird behavior in 0.951, there's a good chance it's fixed in 0.952.

Also, combat now has some UI updates:

New Combat UI: Last Move and Sorted Combat Moves

It's now possible to see what each combatant did last turn (if visible), as well as who they were targeting. Furthermore, available moves will be listed in order of offensiveness. Retreat and run away appear first in the list, while attacks appear at the end.

The UI could still use some improving, but hopefully these changes will make combat a bit smoother for players. Thanks for the feedback!

Complete list of changes include:

  • Added last move and target info to combatants in battle screen.
  • Changed combat moves sorting from least to most offensive.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would loot camp fixtures.
  • Added code to stop resting if a wound's infection increases significantly.
  • Spacebar can now be used to stop resting.
  • Adjusted loot tables so lighter is more common in civilized locales, and less in shacks.
  • Fixed bugs when retreating from one battle to next.
  • Fixed bug that allowed scavenge locales, camp fixtures, and terrain resources to be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed scavenging with 0 turns left.
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to sleep if rested bar was over 3/4 full.
  • Wound infection growth now limited by cut severity.
  • Wound pain now affected by infection too.
  • Reduced infection amount from applying dirty rags to wounds.
  • Prevent dirty rags from infecting wounds where there's no cut.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dirty rags to re-infect wounds on load.
  • Added message log alerts when wound infections get worse.
  • Fixed bug where crafting would duplicate items if stack was found in both input and output.
  • Fixed endless looping when player unconscious in battle.
  • Fixed missing/extra log messages when assailant/target unseen.
  • Fixed null pointer in CanSeeCreature when creature wounded on spawn.
  • Fixed non-offensive log messages showing up when actor is unseen and target is player.
  • Changed "Delete item" to "Destroy item" for better immersion.
  • Changed endturn timing so creature and player both update at the same time (creature was updating before time advanced).
  • Changed message log to use player-centric messages for creature names (visible or unknown).
  • Fixed a bug that broke spy cursor.
  • Added code to ensure threat scores of 0 aren't ignored by AI.
  • Rewrote combat code for more stable bookkeeping.
  • Reduced food intake penalty/bonus for fast/slow metabolism.
  • Fixed a bug when AI loots a hex after player retreats.
  • Fixed a bug causing crash when creature spawned wounded.
  • Fixed ally/enemy count bug in AI.
  • Fixed bug in prev/next combatant UI (was not showing more than 2 at a time).
  • Added code to prevent AI from moving when battle in current hex.

Again, it's a pretty big collection of fixes and changes, so if you've been experiencing issues in 0.951, they may be better in 0.952. And if anything new has cropped up, let me know!


kick it in face olny way be sure

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You need to fix a bug when i are near the lake on the map and theres is not water it where i can drink.

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dcfedor Author

Good point. I think I may create some special hexes for sources of water. That way, players can find lakes/rivers without checking each tile. I can also use that tile for the lake on the map. I've got that on my to do list, thanks!

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Would also be nice to be able to consume food/drinks by dragging them onto your face/character, instead of having to choose that "Consume" option. (Especially since there's not a tragi-comical option to perform a suicide by consuming plastic bags/other inedible things anyway.) Less clutter in the interface the better.

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