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I'm going to apporch this in a new way.

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I'm going to approach this is a new way; some changes include:

1. I'm going to have this set after portal one, before portal 2.

2. I'm going to take out most of the portal 2 elements.
I'll leave 1 or 2 times you see/use them but thats it porbaly all. I am only keeping the thermal discouragement beam if I can't get energy ball reciever working. It looks fine in hammer but in game its just a bunch of light, no prop, I'll look at it today. The gravity funnel in the picture isn't the same as in portal 2 so i'll just lessen the amount I use it. It doesn't go through portals and only goes up to a certain point. Also I haven't made any new wall textures yet, those textures in the pictures are just what I have Installed

3. Custom voices
I'm going to get some people I know to do voice acting.

4. A surprize I will reveal mostly likely closer to release.

Also sorry if I have any grammar/spelling errors, I don't have spell checker in browser. I tried to find them though.

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