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Alpha build update for Blitz Breaker. Various changes include a new area, fixes to glitches, and an improved menu system.

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Major version jump, sorry for the wait.

You can now play it on as well:
New build is also on gamejolt:

A lot of the changes are under the hood, with the exception of....

Area 2-1!

There's now 12 more levels for you to play and probably die in (there's some rather difficult stages here).

Any issues with the game PLEASE let me know, as I plan to show this build off quite a bit to many people that are interested.

There are also context sensitive death messages now! You will get a randomized specific message depending on what kills you. Have fun discovering them all!

Good news Twitter users: There's now a tweet button on the results and stats page! Feel free to show off your skills in the form of a #tweet! Yeah I don't feel good about that hashtag.

Other fixes and changes:

- Collision optimization, under the hood changes to how some collisions are handled
- Portal sprite is sort of animated now
- Menus shouldn't refer to touch screen anymore
- Keyboard navigation removed from main menus, for simplicity's sake
- Mouse navigation in world menu is more obvious (new buttons)
- In game shouldn't refer to touching anymore
- Trix eaten
- Mute button wasn't working in some areas, this has been fixed
- Fixed some jank issues
- Other things
- Various changes to earlier levels, to increase fairness and have a few things make sense
- Still reading?
- Results/stats menu order has changes, clicking speeds up the count
- Thanks for sticking around this far, I like you

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